dimanche 26 février 2023


Time to share with Melissa and the Wipocalypse family the projects we want to complete before the end of the world.

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Point de croix / Cross stitching

Due to the eyes surgery, I prefer those days to work on Aïda on a bib I'm stitching for a baby. 

Tricot / Knitting  -  BOO cover

Only 2 squares left  -   Je suis à deux carrés du score final.

Feutrine / Felt

My seashore in progress is going well, I have now : a flamingo, a palmtree, some fish and one little more problem.

As I was showing the tree to DD1 last Wednesday, Capucine (6 years and an half) asked her mum for a private talk. She kind of complained that I was spending a lot of time on Soline's gifts! Her Mum advised her that she could ask for a birthday gift I could make for next June.

I heard her and tried to comfort her by proposing her to choose what she wanted me to make. Only a few seconds later, she said "a desert play ". We were quite surprised, her Mum tried to suggest she moved on a vegetable garden, but her decision was made! No idea where that came from!

Nanny never turns down a challenge! I have already make a caravane of camels so I already got a great pattern from Nadine Lafitte and we agreed that I could add different cactus, more animals on a sand color ground.

That's how a new project is completing my list!

I started drawing on Thursday, cut a pattern on Friday and here I am

Seashore animals and tree will be shown on next FFG.

Jeu / Game    (Aquarelle/Watercolor -   )

To end this post, let's make a great announcement :

The start of my 5th edition of the Tour de France!

On March 1st, all will be explain : the 2023 theme, when will it start (probably on March 7th), days of posting.

I hope you'll join me on this travel around France, discovering new towns and as always, DIY related to the topic.

Measi's February topic :  What SALs are you participating in this year?

Jo from Serendipitous Stitching  's  SALs : the People's choice and Gifted Gorgeousness.

The Fully Finished Gallery hosted by Rachel!

mercredi 15 février 2023



It's always nice to make gifts, nice too to receive some
and use them in our stitching projects.

It's great and fun to show all this and the perfect place is
on Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching on the 15th of each month
for the Gifted Gorgeousness post.

Cadeaux donnés ou reçus, toutes les occasions sont bonnes
pour partager nos coups de coeur et participer au "Gifted Gorgeousness"
de Jo - Serendipitous Stitching.

Once again this year I'll try to send homemade birthday cards, so I had to think about two February birthdays and decided to make "handybag" cards. One almost like the one I made for DD3 last September using the same cardboards and another with pink colors.

Both purses have pockets which will receive perfume bottles, glasses, pencils (same patterns I already made).

and some new accessories.

This time I made a "mirror - blush" 
with felt

a nail polish bottle

always useful to keep some scraps of golden threads, just enough to make a small brush.

and I found on the net a clever way to make a lipstick you can move up.

Retour des cartes anniversaire "sac à main"
avec de nouveaux accessoires comme
le flacon de vernis, le rouge à lèvres et le
trousseau de clefs

Now that I have a LOT of sequins, easy to make a bracelet Soline may borrow from her mother.

Mon nouvel assortiment de sequins achetés à Lunéville m'a permis de confectionner un bracelet que Soline pourra emprunter à sa mère.

I cut some keys in my images magazine and make key rings with a fabric tag and a small plastic cake.

Next will be March cards (DD2 and SiL3)  have to get a cat and a fantaisy design on them...

Tricot / Knitting

From gift received to gift offered... the BOO cover. It's knitted from the white wool of an old crocheted shawl my sister made for me and will become a gift for DD3 after buying more colors and knit a total of 324 squares.

The updated score is now 318 , and I've got a picture!


Couverture tricotée BOO, nous approchons du grand final avec 318/324 carrés.

Cross stitching / Point de croix

First, I'll give some news of the gifts I received visiting my cousine last December. Here is the small teapot I started during our holidays to show cross stitching to Soline.

My unicorn is great too, but I have made a mistake on the paw so some frogging to do.

I va me falloir pénéloper pour rectifier l'erreur de comptage de points sur la patte de ma licorne.

One more project has been added to my list, for the birth of a new baby in next May I have bought a kit of Zazobouzi. It's called the story bundle.
I have chosen the theme "the forest animals".
I only started to cut the fabric for the back
and the small pockets.

I have also found a bib I can stitch in my stash.  DD3 gave me the idea of stitching some words on it, maybe "j'ai faim" (I'm hungry) or "à table".

I had to found an alphabet for the two capital letters and a small food pattern in my encyclopedia.

I started stitching around the capital letters with some purple thread.

My SiL1 sister had had a baby this month, Capucine asked to stitch again with me, so we chose a cute dog shape (paper poetry from Rico) and she stitched his firstname  ETHAN  to make a small ornament.

( For a Mum of 3 double (hyphenated) firstname daughters !!DH wish!!
I must agree that short names are so easier to stitch! ).

Felt / Feutrine   -  la plage / the seashore       pour/for  Soline

I posted about the flamingo on the 10th and am still working on the palmtree and the fish.

mardi 14 février 2023


 It's Valentine's Day and Jo is hosting a great blog hop!

She has sent everyone participating a photo to show on the blog and we are all visiting stitchers to find who get our Valentine picture.

Who is my Secret Stitching Sweetheart?

This is the stitching I received...

That's a nice display!       from Gwen   Guava Gems

But who is behind this secret stitcher?

C'est grâce à Joanne que vous pourrez visiter les blogueuses participant à cet échange ; vous retrouverez la liste complète des blogs qui vous accueillent ici :

Have a fun day hopping from blog to blog, good search!

vendredi 10 février 2023



I just put the last stitch on my felt flamingo after diner and realise that this is the day for  Rachel's SAL on the Ten Hour Stitcher blog!

This pink friend is part of my "felt seashore" project for Soline.

Premier occupant totalement fini pour mon projet de bord de mer pour Soline. Il y aura trois vagues coupées dans des pièces de feutrine fleue et la plage sera couleur sable.

Un palmier et des fleurs exotiques, des animaux et des accessoires de plage vont compléter ce décor.

I'm planning to put together three pieces of blue felt for the sea/waves

and a sand color for the beach.

There will be a palmtree, maybe some exotic flowers, animals and beach accessories.

Next on the WIP list : fish/palmtree

Prochainement : palmier et poissons.

Please visit her blog and see all the finished projects of our stitching friends.


samedi 4 février 2023


First Saturday of February means that I'd like to post about a topic chosen by our stitching friends. This SAL is run by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching, it's about what you want to see on the blog. 


"Way with words"

Let start with foreigner languages...

I stitched Italian for the first time!

The Cuore e Batticuore pattern is given with 3 languages : French, English and Italian. I chose to keep them all, English was best on the banner and on the tree trunk, the title will be in French so here is the small sign hanging on the branch saying it's the nap time!

I stitched years ago this "Grusse aus Tyrol" with the ß (alt+0223) esztt

Some English now...

Cela ne vous ferait pas penser à quelqu'une ?
It reminds me of someone...



Une petite déclaration humoristique de grands parents

Trois anciennes compositions sur le thème des clefs
la clé de sol
la clé de l'énigme
prendre la clé des champs

Old WIPs on the key theme (the treble clef,  "take the key of the fields" -= go away, the key of the enigma)

A long time I didn't use a shoehorn...   the signs on the bottom are...
shorthand I learned in school, count as words!

Pour une énigme quoi de mieux qu'un message secret écrit en sténographie

A stitcher pun : Broadway sounding like brod-way
(broder : embroider)

Some others C e B  patterns : ice skating and Halloween

Soleil en haubans dans le couchant
Marin prépare ton caban...   et Automne 

Mot à mot...

quelques prénoms...  en tricotin  Camille sur une écharpe
First names... stitched or made with "tricotin"   Camille on a scarf

Enzo   carte de naissance brodée                  Timothé

bien sûr un anniversaire très spécial
someone who had a very special birthday post!

Une petite série sur Noël, calendrier de l'avent et diverses déco
Christmas themed stitchings.

Tout finit toujours en chansons,
Let finish with songs : "le temps des cerises" J-B  Clément 1866

this song is later associated with Paris Commune
and become a revotutionary song "Time of Cherries"

and "Dansons la capucine"   J-B  Clément  1868
dédicace pour ma petite fille Capucine
une ronde 

"L'amitié se brode avec un fil solide"
meaning something like : friendship is stitched with a strong thread.