dimanche 25 février 2024



Time to share with Melissa and the Wipocalypse family the projects we want to complete before the end of the world.

On FB or  https://measi.net/

Only 10 days from GG post but some more stitches on the Lady and the unicorn.

Je continue à progresser sur la robe de la Dame.

I have a LOT of wool threads to stop and hide with all those colored stripes on my hexagon sweater.

I have added ranks of bridles at the bottom, finished the cuffs and I'm sewing the sleeve.

I know you'll think one is larger than the other but it's the same number of bridles (I'll check again...). 

Enormément de fils à rentrer à cause de toutes ces rayures !
Finition des poignets, ajout de rangs de brides à la taille et essai de montage de la manche.

Still drawing and adding some watercolor for my TdF6 stages.

De nouveaux dessins pour les futures étapes du Tour de France n° 6.

Some news about my cat cushion, more cats (not sure I'll use all of them because some wool will probably be too thick). 

More landscapes, hard to find brown wool in my stash for ground so I'm trying the one I used for a crocheted fox with a blue sky. There is no real attempt of matching colors as the goal is to use some of the wool I have but I'll have to assemble the nine squares together in a pretty way so I thought I'll make four corners with the same blue sky.

Quelques petits chats supplémentaires et de nouveaux paysages.

Pas beaucoup de laine marron pour crocheter des sols en terre mais je suis retomber récemment sur un restant de laine utilisée pour un renard donc j'essaie. Le but étant de piocher dans le stock de pelotes je ne cherche pas à accorder à tout prix les couleurs mais comme je vais devoir assembler les neuf carrés ensemble je pense faire quatre carrés avec le même ciel bleu pour que cela soit plus joli.

Topic for February post: What stitch-a-longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?

A new schedule this year are the You Choose SAL has stopped :

Gifted Gorgousness with Jo on the 15th and the Wipocalypse with Measi at the end of the month.

Fully Finished Gallery and Smalls Sal by Rachel if I got something new to show.

vendredi 23 février 2024

SMALLS SAL 02/2024


After Mary from Mary's Thread, Rachel is now hosting the Smalls SAL

Now that the You Choose SAL is stopped, I hope I'll find some small stitchings in my WIP to show you the last Friday of the month.


Smalls SAL est maintenant organisé par Rachel et nous propose de montrer nos petites broderies. J'aimerai bien y participer régulièrement et ainsi avoir un nouveau rendez-vous sur le blog le dernier vendredi du mois.

Pour cette première occasion, j'ai choisi une broderie (pas de point de croix) faite pour l'article du You Choose de juin dernier sur le thème de l'arc en ciel.

I thought I had no small to share but... then I thought I could start this new Sal with a small embroidery I have made for the 2023 June You Choose post with a rainbow theme. It's not cross stitched but I hope it's ok to show it!

I have finished a brooch adding a pin on a small embroidery in a little hoop.

jeudi 15 février 2024



It's always nice to make gifts, nice too to receive some
and use them in our stitching projects.

It's great and fun to show all this and the perfect place is
on Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching on the 15th of each month
for the Gifted Gorgeousness post.

Cadeaux donnés ou reçus, toutes les occasions sont bonnes
pour partager nos coups de coeur et participer au "Gifted Gorgeousness"
de Jo - Serendipitous Stitching.

For home made birthday cards in February I chose the "donuts box" for  this 2024 start and as I have seven top images for sweet boxes
let's cook!

Here is my last batch of donuts...  with a total of 21.
With means 7 delicious birthdays cards

More progress on the Lady with the unicorn here

An update about the hexagon pullover
We had some fittings with some surprises...
the right sleeve is too short, the striped back would be better a bit larger

I had to remove the cuff to add one more rank of 5 hexagons
and to crochet it again to reach 37 stitches
D3 wants a cuff made with double bridles 

I have also re-crocheted the back adding so more stitches
for a few extra centimeters
and more ranks for the neckline

To adjust the armhole, more stitches to get larger ranks
and to adjust the cuff less stitches on the left sleeve

Next fittings are on next Sunday, I hope the measurements will be right and I'll be able to attach it on the body.
I still have many wool threads to stop and the finish around the waist

mercredi 14 février 2024



Joyeuse Saint Valentin !

It's time to share love with the first Blog Hop hosted by

Jo from Serendipitous Stitching! 

She has sent everyone participating a photo to show on the blog and we are all visiting stitchers to find who get our Valentine picture.

She is sharing the list of all the stitchers here :


Ce lien vous donnera la liste complète des blogs qui vous accueillent.

C'est grâce à Joanne qui propose ce Blog Hop que vous pourrez visiter les brodeuses participant à cet échange.

Qui a reçu la photo que je partage pour cette Saint Valentin et qui m'a envoyé secrètement ce très joli coeur brodé pour l'être aimé ?

Maintenant, partons faire le tour des blogs des copines...

Who is my Secret Stitching Sweetheart?

This is the stitching I received...

What a lovely heart offered to your loved one!

But who is behind this secret stitcher?

It was Shelly from "An Arizona Stitcher" who sent me this lovely stitching this year!

I love participating in Jo's Blog Hop but this one is special to me as it was how I found an all community of stitching friends ten years ago!

dimanche 11 février 2024



It's the 10th of this month and Rachel from "Ten Hour Stitcher" welcome us and our Fully Finished achievements.

Please visit her blog and see all the finished projects of our stitching friends.


For the 5th birthday of her FFG SAL, Rachel invited us to celebrate it with a special post about our close to finish stitchings.

A few days before posting, I search for the pieces in my box of shame, most of them are waiting for frames but some will have other uses.     

As this little guy I keep to make a pouch for a special kitchen utensil. I have to get it out as I recently found back the fleece fabric I intend to sew inside. (Now as I'm preparing my post I'm looking for the utensil I have put in a box somewhere to save it, fingers crossed this could be my February FFO).

Une publication un peu particulière ce mois-ci autour de notre boîte (bien remplie) de broderies non totalement terminées.

Un petit échantillon des ouvrages qui attendent de meilleurs jours dans mes sacs.

I had a project of making cushions for the summer season for the wooden chairs on the terrasse with a poppy theme. Poppies cross stitched, sewed in patchwork, using different embroidery technics.

It was many years ago and we've got new chairs... but no finished cushions. Only one cross stitch with poppies! (those luckily can't fade).

Those three stitchings could have the right size for bags (maybe a tote bag) or pockets for needles. And the maze would be perfect for toys.

Parmi les broderies terminées ces dernières années, des coquelicots pour un projet de coussin, un labyrinthe qui serait parfait pour un sac de jouets, des chats qui pourraient décorer des pochettes.

Et bien sûr des jolis motifs en point de croix qui mériteraient de beaux encadrements pour décorer les murs de la maison.

Those would look great on the house walls in nice frames.

Then there are Christmas works.

After the store near to me closed, I decided I'll make frames after a first attempt no too bad at making a cardboard frame recovered with fabric for a small Christmas stitching.

But those two pieces are bigger and it's not so simple. I hope one day I'll find a nice way to do it.

 And small stitchings I wanted to sew for a patchwork winter cover.

A huge work as I first wanted to sew the piece on a green fabric to get squares of the same size then four strips around in the edelweiss thicker fabric then put all the pieces together.

I started some years ago and make the mistake to give my sewing machine to my daughter and bought a sophisticated new one with which I have more troubles than I should so my sewing list is still long.

Avec le thème de Noël, également quelques cadres et ces petits motifs cousus sur fond vert puis encadrés avec des bandes de tissu plus épais au motif d'édelweiss qui réunis tous ensemble sont supposés composer une couverture d'hiver. C'était le projet de base, auquel je dois redonner une chance (depuis j'ai donné ma machine à coudre à ma fille, racheter un modèle plus élaboré avec lequel j'ai beaucoup de soucis). Donc ma liste "couture" reste encore longue.

This a non-exhaustive list, as used to say my boss about my professional tasks. 

Will 2024 will be a good year for FF? It have to be, so back to my little rabbit. Ready with the cross stitch, the utensil and the fleece, here is my project for a pouch.

First choose a fabric for the back of the pocket. I chose a green fabric with cute mice among berries and leaves.

Add a ribbon to knot the scissors to keep them in place.

Je suis retombée un peu par hasard sur mon sac de tissu polaire, c'était donc l'occasion de réaliser cette pochette pour mon ciseau à oeuf montée avec la toile de lin associée à un joli tissu vert au motif feuillage et baies accueillant deux petites souris.

Montage des trois tissus ensemble avec repli, ajout d'un ruban pour attacher l'ustensile. Il me reste à coudre deux boutons pour la fermeture mais lesquels ?  Un conseil ?

Now I have to sew 2 buttons to close it, but which one?
Any advice?

And for those who are wondering what this tool is for...

it's for boiled eggs!
First you broke the shell with the beak and then you can
open "the scissors" to cut the top!
It was a gift from my German friend Ursula many years ago!