mercredi 31 décembre 2014


Do What You Will December
Do you have gifts you need to finish? Projects you're sick of looking at that you want done? Or maybe you just want some nice, relaxing stitching for a hectic month? Anything goes this month!

I finish gift for my son in law

une pochette de rangement pour ustensiles de cuisine,

Une jolie petite fée est venue s'installer chez nous,

réalisée lors d'une après-midi de stage chez EFFET MERE

Merci à Heather d'avoir organiser cette année cet astucieux "Theme-a-licious"
Thanks to Heather for organizing this fabulous Theme-a-licious.

dimanche 21 décembre 2014


Première carte reçue, première carte expédiée

Les premiers voeux sont arrivés du Hunsrück...

et ma première carte part pour le Kentucky...

Côté broderie et bricolage, du travail, mais gros problème de PC donc moins de facilités pour la tenue du blog....
A lot of works in progress but big problem with the computer so hard to run the blog.

samedi 13 décembre 2014


Hi, friends....

Today is     saturday december the 13 th
as JO organizes her "Advent Calendar Blog Hop"
it's my first participation
I am happy to welcome you in my Blog

I love to stitch, sew, sometimes knit or do crochet work,
drawing pencils, watercolor painting, paper, cisors in my hands and I feel well
I'm interested in all DIY,  I like cooking, gardening and photographing,

This year, I finally finished my  advent calendar
which was begun in an argentic times, last century...
took my times
beginning to stitch windows frames was easy
then I decide to change the roof which was made in wood in the pattern
then I decide to change some ornaments in the windows
then I decide to change for some metallic threads which was not the best part of it


so many years later

JO asked to speek about the best present you ever received

I was 11 years old and have had my very first doll
(as we used to have cellluloid baby doll with baby clothes first)
the gift was not a surprise but...

my mum made for my Magali some clothes :
suede skirt and jacket, a yellow pullover, a crocheted puncho and a white fur coat with a hood.

that was great!

Let me add the story of my oldest christmas gift ornaments :
this year, they are 70 years old

December 1944 my family was living in Reims,
war don't let them a lot
and my mum begun to work as a typist
for US Head Quarter Army
she made friends and Betty, Rita, Clarence spent Christmas
welcomed by my grandparents in their small flat.
They offered them these glass balls
you can imagine how much I cherish them
and the feeling when I hang on them on the tree,
so many warm thoughts of
Freedom, Peace, Friendship, Memory.

DH Christmas scene,

Thanks to JO,
It's a gift each day to visit all your blogs

Très joyeuses fêtes de Noël à vous tous et à vos familles
Have a wonderful Christmas!

lundi 8 décembre 2014


en novembre il y a eu quelques belles avancées sur...

Hiver....  de chez Gazette 94

un joli sapin coeur de chez  "du temps et des idées"
pour ma filleule

Malgré l'attaque de quelques grenouilles, la quatrième rangée de dentelles est terminée

 deuxième attaque, cette fois un léger décalage d'un fil 
sur mon coeur de Breizh, donc le retour de Pénélope.....