dimanche 24 février 2019


Deuxième rendez-vous du Wipocalypse, rappel du programme ambitieux de cette année celui de terminer le plus d'ouvrages possible sur la liste des 19 projets sélectionnés.

Participating in Wipocalypse SAL this year with an ambitous plan :19 projects for 2019, following the example of many fearless stitchers. This month I have worked on : 6 / 7 / 12 / 13 / 14 /17

6 - angel and 7 - Santa Claus, two characters from Cuore & Batticuore

13 - goose game

Le blog hop de la Saint Valentin organisé par Jo m'a donné une idée d'un petit coeur brodé sur deux cases du jeu de l'oie, l'occasion d'y ajouter un joli charm en coeur.

I was looking for a stitched heart for Jo's Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop post, I already wrote about the little hearts on my angel dress for the People choose, not enough time for a big chart so I decided to add a simple heart on the goose game on which I could add a heart charm.

14 / Chat dans l'aiguille : le traineau
I forgot to take a picture of the WIP sleigh!

17 - loto

As the theme is words on fabric for this set, I'm trying to stitch the firthnames on the booknote square

18 - felt cooking : pizza, rosbeef and artichoke on the menu

12 - dansons la Capucine

I've got a finish, I started this freebie from Frimousse for my grand daughter named Capucine,  it's a round of elves with the first verse of a nursery rhyme.

Measi's Wipocalypse planning is/was linked to the moon, what about the moonwalk?
That's the new name I gave to backstitch, an important part of this stitching,
the writing of Frimousse freebie is nice and easy to stitch

As the topic of this month is : What do you listen when you're stitching?  The answer is not Michael Jackson sorry. Usually I like to stitch listening TV or DVD... as I'm supposed not to watch TV and stay focused on the stitching, most often english movies or series (when the dialogues are easy to follow not too speed not too much accents). I like to listen to the music of the language and it's my way to keep learning.

See you on the last day of March for a future Wipocalypse post.

vendredi 15 février 2019


Mi-février annonce ma deuxième participation au Gifted Gorgeousness de Jo et deux des projets en cours sont destinés à Capucine, ma petite-fille : quelques cuisine en feutrine et une broderie sur le thème de la comptine "dansons la Capucine".

It's time to update the Gifted Gorgeousness post and to visit Jo


I'll show you the projects I'm working on, in felt some cooking for my greatdaughter toy kitchen and a child nursery's rhyme stitching.

What good smell comes from the kitchen?

Vous vous souvenez de ces rondelles de poivrons...  Remember those pepper's slices...

I was preparing a pizza, four parts, some tomato sauce and filling with cheese, black olive, chorizo slices, mushroom and green pepper.

A box for home delivery.

(Ce sera même utile pour apprendre les fractions...  it will even be useful to learn about fractions)

Mon carnet de clientes contient une deuxième cuisinière pour qui j'ai fabriqué un rosbeef, des pâtes papillon et un beignet.

My second client is the daughter of my goddaughter, Soline. A rosbeef, butterfly pasta and a donut made for her.

Retour au point de croix et à la ronde dansée par les petits lutins de Frimousse sur les paroles de "Dansons la Capucine".

Back to cross stitch and to the funny elves from Frimousse freebie.

Yesterday was the Valentine Blog Hop from Jo and my picture was this one :

Jo sent it to Astrid, you should visit her here :

As the charm is a gift it's the right place
to show you this little heart which took place in the goose game

jeudi 14 février 2019


It's Valentine's Day and Jo is hosting a great blog hop!

She has sent everyone participating a photo to show on the blog and we are all visiting stitchers to find who get our Valentine picture.

Who is my Secret Stitching Sweetheart?

I received this mysterious photo, a cute and lovely bear,  I hope you'll come soon and reveal yourself.

You can visit Jo's blog here :


Happy Valentine Day! Have fun visiting blogs and looking for you sweetheart!

En ce jour de Saint Valentin, quel plaisir de visiter les blogs participant au Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop" de Jo - Serendipitous Stitching -  Je pars à la recherche du petit coeur brodé pour cette occasion et qui vient compléter une case de mon jeu de l'oie.

Il me faut également un petit complément d'article sur le thème du coeur, j'ai donc choisi notre expression "coeur d'artichaut" pour illustrer ce post. Un excellent légume que je réalise en feutrine pour la dînette de Capucine. Le tuto est de chez "elle a des ailes" et s'est révélé très efficace. Mon premier essai n'est pas si mal.

I'm always looking for some special idea to add to blog hop post, this time the connections between heart theme, valentine day and my actual WIP have led me to my felt DIY, a new vegetable was the right one today : artichoke.

Because, here we've got an expression "to have an artichoke heart" which means to fall in love easily or have many lovers, as giving your heart like each leaf of the vegetable.

I found a tuto here :    http://elleadesailes.canalblog.com/archives/2010/02/19/16966183.html
and this is my first attempt, not too bad!

Best ever sauce for artichoke, Mum's one : hard-boiled egg + pickle + oil + vinegar = mix it as a cream.

mercredi 6 février 2019


The people choose is a SAL from Jo - Serendipitous Stitching :

Here are all the details and links to the stitchers participating :


Heart  /  Coeur

We have a volunteer for this post, the angel from the series of six Christmas characters from Cuore & Batticuore, he has a little white heart on his hat that I will stitch in fluorescent white and very little hearts on the bottom of his skirt.

Nous avons un volontaire pour cet article, l'ange de la série des six personnages de Noël de Cuore & Batticuore, il a un petit coeur blanc sur son bonnet que je vais broder en blanc fluo et de tous petits coeurs sur le bas de sa jupe.

I took the opportunity to give him a face, hands and fix his shoe size problem on his right foot. Some tests also for the stars, the addition of a white phosphorescent yarn to the two strands of B5200 to make the star pop up.

J'en ai profité pour lui donner un visage, des mains et arranger son problème de pointure de chaussures au pied droit. Quelques essais également pour les étoiles, l'ajout d'un fil blanc phosphorescent aux deux brins de B5200.

Some more hearts...

Visiting the Gingerbread Museum of Fortwenger store in Gertwiller last December we saw gingerbread hearts being cut as you can see on the left side of the pic.

This is some of those lovely and so delicious cakes

Votre panier se remplit tout seul par magie en visitant la boutique.
Your basket gets magically full visiting the shop.

Each year the French post gets new stamps for Valentine Day, 2019 is "Boucheron" theme a famous jeweler from Place Vendôme - Paris.

Next month theme : freebies