mercredi 28 avril 2021


 Well, it won't be a monthly report obviously, more a little show at the beginning of the quater but you'll find on Measi's blog the bloggers who are participating in the Wipocalypse SAL :

Ma participation au Wipocalypse prend plutôt l'allure d'un rapport trimestriel, donc voici quelques avancées sur les projets phares de cette années.

Dans la série les oiseaux brodeurs de chez Brin d'un jour, ma broderie est terminée. Quelques rattrapages dus à une erreur de placement de ma ligne supérieure un rang trop haut. C'est le deuxième motif que je brode donc peut-être le quatrième de couverture d'un futur porte-aiguilles.

I had to adjust the pattern because of an early error I didn't see and didn't understand checking why I got troubles with the place of the bird or the leaves.

It is the second pattern of this serie that I stitched, so maybe I'll use it for a cover of a needle holder.

My other WIP is "Knitting in quilt" - Cuore e Batticuore

I have finished the three sheeps on the right and started the knitting sheep.
I frogged the stripes thinking I was wrong but I was right so had to re-stitch them.

As I have received my first dose of vaccine, I should have ask for a little additive against miscounting.

I love those sheeps patterns

and wish I'll find a way to use

their adorable looks again

maybe on cards.

Vous surprenez Adèle Blanc-Sec en plein travail, elle peaufine ses articles en buvant beaucoup de thé et en parcourant (sur des supports plus virtuels) nombre de publications sur les peintres sujets de ses recherches.

Voilà pour cette participation au Wipocalypse du mois d'avril. Pour finir et répondre à la question du mois, je me trouve moins concentrée et donc moins productive pendant cette pandémie. Cette période bizarre où les règles changent toutes les semaines et où nos petites réalisations semblent si peu importantes au vu de la bonne santé de nos proches.

To conclude with the question of the month : Have you found yourself to be more or less productive in your stitching during the Covid-19 pandemic?

I feel less focused on my projects so less productive, maybe it's the context of Covid and rules which are changing every week, you can go out - you can't, you can go shopping - you can't, you can go over 10 km - you can't. You spend your days to worry for the health of your loved ones so your little DIY things look so unimportant I need a real big goal like Christmas or gifts for my grandchildren to be motivated.

vendredi 16 avril 2021


Gifted Gorgeousness is hosted by Jo, anything you made for or with gifts is shown on the 15th of each month here

I missed March post, so here is my two months recap.

DD2 celebrated her 30 years at the beginning of March, so a special birthday card to create with some friends of her youth.

A new serie of bamboo cotton and flowered fabric make-up remover wipes for a friend.
This one counts double cause I use a flowered fabric
that was wrapping a Christmas gift
from DD1 who offered us some "Furoshiki" a Japanese tradition,
such a good idea.

On the goose game, I stitched the world map inspired by the pattern Sheryl sent to me.

About the wool dolls dresses - gifts for kids
I fully finished the grey/green one

and I'm happy with the funny look of the mixed pink wool
with this light yellow 

The month shoehorn, as it's a gift for our kites...
a special bag to carry them

More watercolors for the 4th edition of the Tour de France.

Can't wait to start this journey, only a few clues to imagine and I'll be happy to welcome you in some French towns. In 2015 we visited towns well known for embroidery, then in 2017 towns linked to books, in 2019 it was towns I associated with toys and games. 

This year the theme will be "colour", so we will look for towns that are named after a colour...  or almost. 
Some examples around the world for my English readers : Whitchurch - Shropshire or the famous Greenwich, in USA : Blue river - Oregon  or  Blackwater - Missouri.

I also chose to make you guess the name of a famous painter (woman or man, French or having lived here).

As usual you'll have a map and the department to avoid getting lost. Little clues, landmarks, informations will help you (I hope) to suggest names. 

Two posts a week and on Sunday afternoon I'll give you the answers and show you how DIY bloggers reinterpret famous masterpieces.

See you soon!

mardi 13 avril 2021


Some days ago, Jo posted about her 10th blogaversary...

She did a list of a Ten Things Tag and ask us to join eventually.

It is my 10th year too, so I'm in!

Here is a link to her blog and to other stitchers sharing this anniversary party.

1.    The tenth project you completed
Well, I have no idea as I sew, stitch and so on since I'm a kid. But I remember that I was really interested in cross stitching looking my Mum making some small patterns for cards when I was thirty. I was organizing my wedding and the christening of DD1 and reading one of her book found a lovely initials pattern I could used for stitched table marks as gifts for our guests. So the 10th project I have completed is among the 29 letters I stitched.

2.    The tenth blog post you made
My tenth post was about a fabric book I made for my grandson 
(01.2011). Can't realise he'll be 10 next July.

3.    The tenth blog in your blog roll (or your reader or however you follow blogs)
A shoehorn for this one. I looked for the tenth comment Jo wrote to me. It's was in 07-06-2014 for a post participating to June Theme-a-licious SAL from Geeky Heather.

4.    A designer you have stitched more than ten designs
More than ten designs, that's a lot. First I thought I won't be able to answer this question but the answer is : Brin par Brin.
7 from the Christmas market, 1 from the serie a guest in my kitchen and 2 from stitching birds.

5.    A project that took/is taking more than ten years to complete

I'm afraid that it will be Autumn.

6.    A design on the theme of "ten"

It is the tenth day of my Christmas calendar, some fruits display.

7.    The tenth colour on your current project.  Do you use this colour a lot?
My current project is "Knitting" and the tenth colour is pink 3688
It's the colour of the cheeks (only 16 stitches) and the cup of tea.

8.    Your tenth WIP for WIPocalypse, WIPGO or whatever list you make

On last year Wipocalypse list, the tenth WIP was loto game made with fabric and fleece for the kids.

9.    Your tenth finish this year (or last year if you haven't finished ten so far this year)
For a friend visiting on a Wednesday afternoon, I hurry up to make before noon some bamboo cotton and fabric make-up cleaners.

10.    How has your stitching style changed in the last ten years?

No change about frogging, it's even worst those past months. 

Being retired and "lockdowned" is the real recent change, I should be more efficient having more free time but the rhythm of the day is slow and cool (after 42 years of an office work and a 3 kids home). 
Maybe it's because of a math problem you can summarize in this formula :
free time  x  3     and    DIY ideas-projects   x   30

It was quite a challenge to share this ten things list but amusing.

So Happy Blogaversary Jo! 
Thanks to allways share your happy moments with us!

mardi 6 avril 2021


With the Easter week-end, I'm late for the "Let the people choose" SAL and this month it's blue...

A few friends have already posted on April theme, you'll see life in pink  blue here :

Let see what kind of blue are we talking about. Here, it can be linked to navy, France, slate, duck, night, royal, petrol, cart, sapphire and a lot of inspiring things.

Tant de nuances de bleu associées au ciel, à la marine, à la nuit, du bleu saphir au bleu canard, du bleu pétrole au bleu charrette, des rois aux ardoises etc...

Quelques morceaux choisis parmi les ouvrages en point compté : village quaker, un bleuet, de la laine layette bleue tricotée.

I will begin with one of my favorite cross stitch the Village Quaker from Jardin privé with two kinds of slate blues.

The freebie from DMC, cornflower stitched for Clare's bouquet.

Some blue wool in the pattern of "Knitting" a WIP from Cuore e Batticuore.

On my goose game, water under a bridge and goose paddling.

Bizarrement nous retrouvons notre bleu canard sur le cheval d'Harold !

Harold's horse in Bayeux stitching from the Tapestry of Queen Mathilde (that's the duck blue). 

On the shelves of my cupboard - sur les étagères de l'armoire à vaisselle

Tea time on blue

Un collier en perles de rocaille d'un temps ancien
où je confectionnais des bijoux
From a time I loved to make necklace with small blue beads

Some blue Toile de Jouy re-embroidered with metallic threads
Une pochette en toile de Jouy rebrodée de fils métalliques

Some blue owls - Chouette couleur ce bleu.

Some boats for the Navy blue - La marine représentée sur ce monochrome.

The blue I chose for DD1 christening as gifts for the guests.

Seaside themes

Blue jean deserves to be part of this month post. Une pochette en blue jean pour ranger le nécessaire de couture de DD2.

De la toile Aïda bleue pour des anges, un chat patineur et même ce marque-page d'Halloween.

Blue fabric of course, angels and a skating cat, even an Halloween bookmark.

The color will be part of my next Tour de France, twice... so keep those two clues for future references.

 Let's close this post with this page of blue
from a book I sewed for Timothé