lundi 28 décembre 2020


C'est l'heure du bilan pour le Wipocalypse 2020, de grandes ambitions et une année mi-figue mi-raisin avec peu de point de croix.

Sur les 20 sur 20 projets idéalement prévus, j'ai seulement validé les numéros 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 16, 18 et 19.

Big plans for 2020 and finally a half satisfacting year,  WIP on eight projects, not a lot of cross stitch.

The old stitchings I planned to work on have been replaced by a big project for the kids (fabric dolls and their wardrobes which needed a lot of time for careful finishes).

N° 4 - Some progress on five patterns of the goose game. Jeu de l'oie, j'ai progressé sur cinq motifs.

N° 5 / 12  - Automne - La parisienne

N° 9 - Felt / feutrine

A nice pineapple and some winter flowers and Christmas ornaments. Côté feutrine, un ananas et des roses et de petites décos de Noël.

N° 8  - Dinette Zazobouzi - terminée -    Diner set finished

La dinette est complète avec ce pichet et le sucrier. 

N° 16 - Snowball - Boule à neige

N° 17 - Doll's clothes, vêtements pour poupée mannequin

Puncho, robes et étoles réalisées au crochet.

N° 18 - Zazobouzi dolls and wardrobes - finished

Le gros projet de l'année reste les poupées Zazobouzi : Violette et Félix et leur garde robe.

The "big" project of the year was the fabric dolls : Violette 2 and Félix and all the clothes and accessories for Soline and Capucine.

N° 19 - Fabric hearts / coeurs -  A birthday card - une carte d'anniversaire

It has been a weird year, the three first months with work days organization then beeing retired and immediatly confined with husband and daughter, shops closed so no supplies, wip-olympic games cancelled and this worrying virus always present in our schedule but still finding comfort in our stitchings and in blogging.

Drôle d'année 2020 à devoir se réorganiser tous les deux mois, autour des journées au travail puis en retraite enfin confinée en famille. La fermeture des magasins, l'annulation des sorties, des loisirs et ce virus toujours présent dans nos agendas, faisons contre mauvaise fortune bon coeur, heureusement du réconfort à trouver dans nos ouvrages et nos blogs.

jeudi 24 décembre 2020


On the first day of December, Jo had started her famous Advent Calendar. Every day you have opened a new door and found a stitching friend welcoming you.

Today is the Thursday 24th and you're ringing a bell at my door!  

This year we have new visitors for Christmas

I have shown on previous posts new ornaments I made for the kids.

Et voici les décorations sur le thème du fait maison installée sur l'escalier.

And here are the decorations on diy theme set on the stairs.

This year question is about Christmas books...

No traditionnal story in my childhood that I remembered, I chose to show some books I read with my kids when they were young girls.

We were great fans of "my first discovery" collection from Gallimard Youth

Great books with great designs and funny way to show pictures with their transparent pages

Little brown bear is famous for the young kids and this book (I call carrousel book) is showing his home during Christmas.

Retrouvons Petit Ours Brun qui nous accueille dans sa maison prête pour fêter Noël.

Now's the time for the English books, you know that I try to watch movies and series, to follow blogs in English to keep in touch with the language.  Newly retired I decided to read about one hour every morning before breakfast to do my homework. As an easy start, I thought it could be nice to read stories I already knew, meet characters I liked in movies, so I bought some second hand books. Hannah Swensen Mysteries from Joanne Fluke and some Christmas stories. This month, I re-read "Trading Christmas" from Debbie Macomber and the Plum Pudding Murder is on my list with a warm herbal tea of course!

This was an amazing calendar, I'm having a lot of fun visiting all my stitching friends all around the world!

Special thanks to Jo who offers us so many great blog's events throughout the year!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Comme chaque année, merci à Jo qui nous permet de partager notre passion tout au long de l'année avec, entre autres événements, ce formidable calendrier de l'avent. Quelle joie de visiter toutes ces amies brodeuses blogueuses ! Joyeuses fêtes de Noël à vous tous, portez vous bien !

vendredi 18 décembre 2020


Another little ornament I have seen on the internet that I wanted to make to decorate the tree and the table.

It all begins with nuts...

Une autre petite décoration aperçue sur la toile que j'avais envie d'entreprendre, tout commence avec quelques noix...

Then you have to cut ears and tails

Stick a plastic thread if you want to hang them and select nice hazelnuts you'll put a smile on...

Now you have tiny beds with mice

Still waiting for a warm quilt

Here is my christmas mice team

Voici mon équipe de souriceaux douillettement installés sous leurs couettes.

mardi 15 décembre 2020


It's the last time of the year you'll see this fabulous cameo,

such a lovely stitching from Jo, nice logo for the Gifted Gorgeousness post.

we are December the 15th, the link to her blog is here :

I have finished the hammock for Violette, this smart stork thinks it's a good place for a nap.

One more finish is the cushion for my son in law big fan of Harry Potter
It was a November birthday present but with the lockdown I couldn't give him on the big day.

Some Christmas ornaments too will soon be delivered to the kids, small wreaths for the dolls Violette (1 and 2) and Félix I made for Timothé, Capucine and Soline.

Unicorns felt "balls" for the younger girls

and tiny pullover for DD2

No progress on the wool wreaths, DD1 had big works in her appartment (building a new kitchen, so lot of dust, workmen and big cardboards, no room) so not the good time to deliver decorations. And we were not allowed to go more than 20 km in 3 hours until today so no possibilities to visit DD3 and a too fragile wreath to send with an expensive postoffice.

Instead I'm working on little ornaments, I have made some little Christmas Fortune Cookies in yellow felt easy to send in an envelop for those you love Asian food!.

Thanks a lot to Jo from Serendipitous Stitching who offered us this amazing SAL on the 15th of each month, see you next year with new gifts. 

samedi 12 décembre 2020


New report on this year Christmas projects, tiny DIY stitching, knitting, sewing...  theme.

I remembered DD2 was a great fan of Christmas sweaters. I discovered that many people knit some tiny pullovers to hang on the tree. I might try it - in crochet - knitting explanations are already too hard to understand in French so I turned to felt and made small sweaters.

Une nouveauté cette année parmi les petites décorations faites maison sur le thème des travaux manuels : le pullover de Noël. Base de feutrine brodé au point de bourdon en perlé DMC puis ajout du motif : couronne, sapin, guirlande et tête de renne.

Then come the time of the not too ugly decorations... I have made my own patterns for a wreath, a tree, a reindeer, garlands.

I'm pleased with this result and only get troubles with the coat hanger.  I didn't want to buy new metal thread, the one I used for tricotin was too large, the multi colored  too thin, and I tested clips too without success.

Voici mes préférés...   Here are my favorite...

Mes deux derniers motifs sont un bonhomme de pain d'épice et bonnet de gnome.

Two others patterns with a gingerbread man and a gnome cap.

It looks more like an alien and will probably win the ugly sweater contest anyway it was really fun to make.

Ce petit dernier a un petit côté martien quoiqu'il en soit c'était très drôle à fabriquer.