mercredi 20 juillet 2016


Before the end of the world, we do want to complete our projects and Measi invites us to share our progress during the monthly check-in

Here is the link to her blog for June

No great progress on WIP  as I work more on my GG stitchings,

I added some green, white, yellow and a cute rabbit jumped behind this Christmas market stand

"Marché de Noël"  Brin par brin

A reader and a gardener have joined my goose game squares

A busy gardener approached the labyrinth to cut hedges

Visiting USSE castle, I remembered
my stitching scissors were in my handbag...

Un petit coup de ciseaux

Topic of the month :
 If you are participating in the Olympic Challenge, tell us about your plans – which type of challenge you’ve selected, the pieces you’ll be stitching on, etc.

La question du mois rejoint l'actualité sportive des Jeux Olympiques qui vont se dérouler à Rio du 5 au 21 août prochain, "l'important étant de participer" je réfléchis à une présentation de certains évènements sportifs choisis en lien avec mes travaux de broderie.

I'd like to participate in the Olympic Challenge, from August 5th to 21st, as it is the first time, it's a total improvisation.

The rotation challenge will be to follow some sporting events, I have, in a personal way, linked to my stitching.

Some old WIP,  some current works and a few new projects (special authorizations were delivred by Olympic Committee).

L'occasion de ressortir de vieux ouvrages un peu abandonnés, d'avancer sur des en cours et de démarrer des nouveaux projets avec l'autorisation spéciale du Comité Olympique.

two examples

aviron / rowing
broder l'eau dans les cases du jeu de l'oie
stitch water on goose game squares
escrime / fencing
                                                broderie de précision en 1/1 sur UFO automne
                                                need for precision  1/1 UFO  autumn

I already have some ideas for riding and judo
                                        but the program isn't closed

L'équitation et le judo devraient compléter le programme en cours de conception.

Happy stitching!

Le temps a laissé son manteau de vent, de froidure et de pluie,
et s'est vêtu de broderie, de soleil luisant clair et beau.

vendredi 15 juillet 2016


You know that Jo from Serendipitous Stitching organizes a SAL about gifts received or offered,

What happened since June?

Previously, I have shown you a couple of mice I made as a gift to myself.

J'ai récemment accueilli un couple de souris, en tenues très légères, il me faut leur confectionner une garde-robe...

They wear lovely undergarnements but now they need wardrobes, perfect gifts to prepare...

I recently bought some fabric in "Theophile" shop in Azay le Rideau
         the black lined white fabric to sew a "marinière" kind of breton sweater for Mr Mouse
                      the red one for Mrs's dress was bought last year in Sarlat

I bought this lovely fox purse in Théophile too, for DD1

Premier essai pour cette broderie d'étiquettes cartonnées qui bientôt habilleront élégamment quelques paquets
              first test for those stitchable gift tags                                   Rico design
                          (3 threads left - 2 threads right)

the flower chart is from Las Labores de Ana (a gift from Sheryl)

The main project I'm working on at this time is what I called my italian mystery since GG february
It's time now to show you a complete view

I bought the chart in January DIY fair, as a gift for my Christmas decoration
it is  :  Avvolgente Natale  de Sérénita di Campagna

roots + trunk + branches

what kind of tree...
All those greens    3345, 3346,  890,  895, 934, I'm lost sometimes

 Here I'm today

The birth of my second grand child at the end of June makes stitching bib urgent...

As forest animals are the theme choosen by her mother, I'm stitching a little fox

Vous avez reconnu le petit renard de "The Snowflower Diaries"

what is he smelling now?

As many birthdays gifts are on my working list, can't show you too much but I got some help!

Happy Stitching!

Brodons juste pour arrêter le temps.

samedi 9 juillet 2016


Here she is...

  Her name is      Capucine,  
  born on June 30 th

  it's a flower name (nasturtium)

La famille s'agrandit, mademoiselle Capucine est née le 30 juin 2016....

What a week...   DD1's daughter birth, DD2  in Viva Technology startup connect in Paris for coding show  and  DD3  flying to Japan!

Aux fils d'arts offre une grille gratuite (n°  39) de circonstance...

free chart from "Aux fils d'arts" blog

c'est ici :

A new start to plan : bibs to stitch...   Des bavoirs brodés seront bientôt d'actualité !

samedi 2 juillet 2016


Premier samedi de juillet, notre rendez-vous avec "The Alphabet Club" et ce mois-ci avec la lettre L.

Time to update "The Alphabet Club" with the L

Please visit Chiara's blog

As on preview posts, I have imagined a scenario for those mensual posts
as the creators of this new event offers us a quite total liberty to how develop them.

My own way will go into worlds of stitching, words, drawings, designs, garden, cooking, music and travels

Evocation of  a word begining with the letter linked to DIY activities
and personal researches on what you could find in my garden, in my kitchen, on my record player (the vinyl one), in my travel souvenirs

It will be a mix of French/English maybe other languages

L  comme  Laine, wool

Le tricot a du mal à trouver sa place dans mon emploi du temps et sans l'aide précieuse de maman mes réalisations ne peuvent être très ambitieuses, juste le plaisir de tricoter ces laines nouvelles et excentriques, dommage que les prix des laines se soient envolés.

Knitting has some difficulties to found free hours in my schedule and without the precious help of my mother, mes works can't be ambitious, only the pleasure to knit those new wools for exentric scarfs. Only a regret the expensive cost of wool now.


L comme lavander

L  comme  livres   (book)

Dans la cuisine, in the kitchen

L comme légumes   (vegetables, Gemuse)

There is a lot of vegetables that I like, beyond common vegetables, salsifi, chinese artichoke, céléri and artichoke (they were on lunch menu today, my sauce recipe : mix hard-boiled egg with pickles, add oil and vinegar to get a consistency of thick cream)

Au delà des légumes courants comme les carottes, les petits pois et autres haricots,  j'aime beaucoup les salsifis, les crosnes, les artichauts.

Dédicace spéciale / Special award  to DH  for his ratatouille (sorry no pic)  -tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, zucchini, olive, laurel and garlic.

Now a shoehorn,  a good place to show some more pictures of Chenonceau castle's kitchen

 dans le jardin

lavande papillon, lupin, lavande
lysiaque, lilas, liseron

on my vinyl platine

in travel memories

A day tour in London in 1974
and an holiday week in August 1979.

Lili was a cartoon I read as teenager

I must add an "extra" for this lovely town I visited in Wales

A tire d' L  (aile)(wing)    je dis M (aime)(love)...     au mois prochain

From Love to aiMe

specially the first of the month, see you on August the 6th