samedi 16 janvier 2021


Welcome to the first Gifted Gorgeousness post of the year!

Bienvenue dans notre rendez-vous de mi-janvier, c'est le moment du Gifted Gorgeousness que vous retrouverez le 15 de chaque mois.

Voici le très joli logo qui va nous accompagner cette année !

Here is the lovely logo Jo choose for this monthly meeting about gifts. Given or received, these gifts can be part of your stitchings and will be perfect to participate to her SAL.

I was in Harry Potter spirit finishing the cushion I made last month, I offered it before Christmas to my SiL and he was happy to put it on the sofa. Small balls of red and yellow wools in my stash so I knitted a scarf for Félix (fabric doll).

Ces laines rouge et jaune, parfaites pour une petite écharpe pour Félix dans l'esprit HP.

Next new knitted dress for fashion dolls, I choose white and pale rose for a pattern with complete white ranks and smaller rose ones to make the dress larger than the top. I am using my Mum metal needles and sometimes I feel more ice skating then knitting. I often loose stitches too hard to re-fish so I have already unknitted many ranks (I'm sure the dress with be finish if I add them to my update!).

I wanted to make the birthname of my granddaughter in wool. The lenght was ready but no time during Christmas to put the metal  into it. It's done now and with this test, her Mum will only have to choose the high of the letters. In this example, the letters are 12 cm high for one meter long.

Ma longueur de tricotin était prête pour la réalisation du prénom de Capucine mais nous n'avons pas trouvé le temps pour les finitions au moment de Noël. J'ai passé le fil métal à l'intérieur et fait un premier essai avec des lettres de 12 cm pour une longueur d'un mètre.

The last gift I gave to Capucine was a hammock for her doll Violette, she found an unsual place to set it... on her toy kitchen, could be nice to turn the sauce with your right hand not leaving your comfortable bed, of course be sure not to burn yourself.

To end this post, there is a funny story I want to share with you about what happened to our grandchild before Christmas. They have received the visit of two facetious elves, it's the "Elf on the shelf" tradition  my daughter found on internet and she took pictures and made a funny memory book . Perfect for the 4 years old Capucine and her older brother Timothé. 

So the first day they received an explaining letter and the second day in the mail box were delivered the two elves.

Une lettre annonça début décembre aux enfants l'arrivée de deux lutins facétieux qui allaient les accompagner pendant l'avent en attendant Noël.

Chaque nuit, ils s'amusent à faire des farces que les enfants découvrent à leur réveil. Voici quelques morceaux choisis parmi leurs aventures.

Each night they make jokes so every morning the kids discovered what happened during the night. Always funny for sure and here are some pranks I like more.     Making photos playing with the printer.

Dansing with Barbie and playing Scrabble.

They taped the kids room doors

Playing in the kitchen, I love the "flour angel" and fruits make-up.

Playing markers on the bath and on dad's face while sleeping.

Finally the kids found the two elves wrapped among the Christmas gifts, Santa decided to leave them in their new home.

Les enfants ont trouvé leurs lutins emballés parmi leurs cadeaux, le Père Noël ayant décidé de les laisser dans leur nouveau foyer.

mercredi 6 janvier 2021


 This year is the tenth edition of the WIPocalypse, a funny SAL from Melissa

On the last Sunday of each month, we share our progress on projects we want
to complete before the end of the world.

Two posts in January, the first one is as every year : Introduce yourself, your projects and any goals you have for the year!

Le WIPocalypse de Mélissa fête ses 10 ans cette année, avec un article le dernier dimanche du mois, un sujet de discussion et une première présentation de nos projets en ce début janvier.

Pas de "21 en 2021", j'ai compris que c'était trop ambitieux et j'ai besoin d'un programme décontracté tout en espérant finir quelques ouvrages au point de croix, bricoler du fait-maison pour les enfants, reprendre mes pinceaux et être en mesure d'organiser le quatrième "Tour de France" du blog.

I won't make a list "21 in 2021", I know it's too ambitious and I want to feel "relax" on my goals.

But I want to finish some old cross-stitch WIP, to make new diy for the kids, to start painting again and hope to organize the fourth "Tour de France" of the blog.

So let my tools present the program of the year :

Et si nous laissions mes outils présenter le programme de 2021

Hi! What will we cut soon? Paper, fabric, threads, ribbons...
Qu'allons-nous couper bientot ? Du papier, du tissu, des fils, des rubans...

To do what? Cross-stitch, felt ornaments, doll's clothes, small accessories, games for kid, 
wool knitting and crochet, scrapbooking.
Pour faire quoi ? Du point de croix, des décorations en feutrine, des habits de poupées,
de petits accessoires, des jeux pour enfants, du tricot et crochet, du cartonnage.

and start back on drawings and watercolor

et retrouver mes crayons, pinceaux et aquarelles.

Some other plans : I'll be delighted to participate in the famous blog hops

of Serendipitious Stitching and Jo's SAL You choose and the Gifted gorgeousness.

lundi 4 janvier 2021


 Well, the first Saturday of the first month of the year on  "January 2nd" that was definitively too early for me to start with the successfull SAL Jo organizes every month : "Let the people choose!"

This month's theme is : the designer of 2020 and I re-posted my gloved hands as winter is here with cold, fog and the first snowflakes this morning.

L'année commence à peine sous quelques flocons de neige que notre premier rendez-vous pour le SAL You Choose organisé par Jo nous propose comme thème pour janvier : le créateur pour cette année passée. Je me suis un peu éloignée ces derniers mois de mes ouvrages au point de croix, pourtant mes deux achats de l'été dernier étaient des modèles de chez Cuore e Batticuore.

I have been a little far from my cross stitching those past months, my main project was a pattern from Cuore e Batticuore, an Italian designer I love a lot.

Here is a link to their blog :

I started "Knitting in quilt" in July on a pearl grey fabric.

After some troubles on the girl knitting on the chair, I had to frog and restart.

She is ok now and I have started the basket of wool, here are my last progress

Après quelques soucis sur la tricoteuse que j'ai dû pénéloper me voici repartie et en train de broder le panier de laines. Le second modèle acheté l'été dernier serait parfait pour le printemps

I have bought another pattern in 07/20 called "Summer in a hammock" that it could be great to begin it next spring.

See how lovely was their Christmas pattern : Natale Ricamato

and the free pattern I'm glad to share with you

I'm sure I will work more regularly on this stitching this year, be sure my progress will show up in my futureWipocalypse post.

Je suis certaine que cet ouvrage retiendra toute mon attention cette année et vous montrerai mes progrès rapidement.