dimanche 29 décembre 2019


Voici le moment du bilan pour le Wipocalypse SAL, proposé par Measi's Musings.

Pour 2019 mon projet a été, suivant l'exemple d'amies brodeuses, de choisir 19 travaux en cours (selon la liste ci-après) et de leur offrir une éventuelle bonne fortune cette année.
J'ai manqué l'article de fin novembre étant en pleine préparation de notre voyage parisien.


Well, it's time to see how this year has gone, the Wipocalypse SAL is hosted by Melissa.

Back in 2019 in this SAL, I adopted the way some stitching friends on blog planned a "19 in 19" projets. Nice example to follow. I missed November update due to our Paris trip.

Here was my list :

1 - Avvolgente - l'arbre de Noël - Christmas tree
2 - les patins d'argent - skating / 3/4/5/6/7 - personnages de Noël -
8 - AAC oiseau - colin cardinal / 9 - la clef du mystère / keys /10 - la clef des champs / keys
11 - Halloween sous la pluie /  12 - dansons la Capucine / dansing childs
13 - le jeu de l'oie / Goose game
14 - Cda  traineau / 15 - CdA  St Nicolas / 16 - CdA  crèche
17 - loto feutrine / 18 - cuisine pour dînette - feutrine / felt / 19 - dinette Zazobouzi /

Prêts pour un tour d'horizon.

1 - Avvolgente - l'arbre de Noël - Christmas tree

The stitching was nearly finished, I kept for a calm and concentred day the addition of the real gold thread from DMC anniversary for the light on the candles.

 So on the last Sunday of the last month for the last post of Wipocalypse... some golden stitches...

2 - les patins d'argent - skating

The stitching is finished and the homemade frame in wool still in progress

Horizontal is too hard to fix on the top/bottom side so it will be all around the frame but it's hard too with the corners!

 3/4/5/6/7 - personnages de Noël -

The snowman is not finished, I don't like the result for the first snowflake so I didn't make the second one. Trying to find an idea to make it pop up. It is stitched in B5200 which is already a snow white.

8 - AAC oiseau - colin cardinal / 9 - la clef du mystère / keys
 / 10 - la clef des champs / keys
...  sorry no progress...

11 - Halloween sous la pluie Cuore & Batticuore

The stitching is finished, waiting for an homemade frame too.

12 - dansons la Capucine / dansing childs    free from Frimousse

13 - le jeu de l'oie / Goose game                     Progress on squares      16/17 -   62 - 

14 - Cda  traineau / 15 - CdA  St Nicolas / 16 - CdA  crèche

I have focused on 14 / 15 / 16, three of the four scenes of "Quand Noël s'en mêle" from "Un chat dans l'aiguille".

I worked on this Christmas board from February 2016, 25 colors, 23 different stitches, four scenes to embroid and then I'll have to sew them on a large red fabric after finish the patterns on the panel.

17 - loto feutrine /

Two sets of lotto game, four series ready : flowers, fruits/vegetables, writing and animals and bags for all the pieces. (2 purses, 2 pouches, 96 squares).

Two games, one for my granddaughter Capucine and one for Soline my goddaughter's daughter.
Her mum told me that it has been very useful and amusing during the long hours in car travel.
The next theme will be Winter/Christmas maybe Easter if I found six adequate fabrics in my stash.

18 - cuisine pour dinette - feutrine / felt /

19 - dinette Zazobouzi /

Well, I'm happy with this year's review, the first Sunday of January will introduce 20 projects - old and some new ones for a new Wipocalypse monthly meeting shared on Measi's blog.

samedi 28 décembre 2019


Dernier article sur notre séjour dans la capitale...  avec la visite de l'Opéra Palais Garnier
Construction de 1862 à 1874, décidé par Napoléon III et terminé sous la Troisième République après bien des péripéties politiques et budgétaires.

Style Second Empire

l'accès aux loges

le grand foyer et ses salons

les plafonds du grand foyer

ça c'est du drapé !

Voilà quelques illustrations de notre très agréable voyage parisien. Rideau !

vendredi 27 décembre 2019


A visit to the shop "The Galeries Lafayette"  famous for his Christmas tree

The bees are flying around the tree, this year is the Christmas hive

The windows with animated scenes are famous and loved by young and old

bees collecting the nectar of flowers

The next shop is the "Printemps" no bees but funny squarrels and turkeys

Bon appétit !