dimanche 31 décembre 2023



Time to share with Melissa and the Wipocalypse family the projects we want to complete before the end of the world.

On FB or  https://measi.net/

Recap your accomplishments for the year! (Your finishes, your final before/after photos, etc).

Thanks to Melissa! For this last post of 2023 I have to gather some photos and choose among my WIP.

So what have I completed (or be close to) before the end of ... this year in a few minutes.

Point de croix  /  Cross stitch

My unicorn has showed the tip of her nose last January, she is now laying among flowers

Ma licorne a montré le bout de son nez en janvier dernier, elle est maintenant allongée parmi les fleurs

Couture  /  Sewing

Some fun projects, a bag for Aude, a cap for me and a gift for baby Pierre.

Coup d'essai pour ma première casquette !

Feutrine  /  Felt

Deux gros projets en 2023 pour Soline et Capucine : plage et désert

auxquels je peux ajouter ma collection hiver 2023 des pulls de Noël

Crochet   /   Tricot - laine              Knitting  -  wool

3 daughters =  3 projects

For my eldest daughter, that long jacket which is now a short one!

For DD2, cat fan, a WIP secret cushion, built with nine squares welcoming kitties.

DD3  hexagon pullover crazy challenge
I started in May with classic squares in her favorite colors

and she transformed the simple idea
into a "I don't know how to do it but I will" project

With 48 hexagons already done, I'm trying to assemble them together to see how it could work

Cartonnage    /   Paper craft

Lot of birthday and Christmas cards, about 15.

A birth album for Pierre and my first tunnel book.

Some Christmas ornies... and a useful pizza oven

Beaucoup de cartonnage cette année, cartes faites maison
et toujours mes mini bricolages pour poupées

Dessin  -  jeu           Drawing -    Game

Our "cruise" for the 5th edition of the Tour de France

Un petit tour le long de nos côtes et sur nos rivières et canaux
pour de nouvelles découvertes

Avant de refermer la porte de cette fructueuse année
avec mes deux amis gnomes, ces brins de lavande entrelacés

Before closing the door on this busy year,
some lavander sprigs

Bye, bye  2023,  see you soon in a few days
for many new projects

Happy New Year!

dimanche 17 décembre 2023


    n° 6 

I'm spending time on making greetings cards those days.

Preparing cards, I found in my drawers some sad cards (I can't have bought them so I suppose it was leftovers from the office) and want to give them a second life. I was thinking of making some tiny Christmas characters to glue on the white/black landscape.

still working on my "not so ugly" Christmas sweats.

Fully finished :  I finally choose to put a poinsettia between my hands!

I love the 3D effect!

Then I worked on my turkey, adding some sequins in the feathers.

the game controller is finished too.

No progress on the unicorn (still looking for a Christmas idea) and a new cactus soon.


It's time to make a new gnome but this time as I already made three guys it will be a girl already named Marit!

This one have to be a stitcher, with no beard I need to find a new way with the hair maybe a kind of jacket with some sewing accessories.

Here is the fabric I have chosen for the hat.

A golden fabric for her dress and wood buttons, tiny spools with metallic threads and scissors. I'll add some rolls of fabric too.

Our Christmas village is almost  ready! 

We used to put it near the fireplace on the stone.

Last years set

But as we changed it for a wood burning stove, DH has to build a table to receive the landscape.