dimanche 28 janvier 2024


Time to share with Melissa and the Wipocalypse family the projects we want to complete before the end of the world.

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Point de croix / cross stitching

Lady with the unicorn

Here is my January update

Cartonnage / paper crafts

Birthday donuts cards are back on my desk and sometimes it's fun too to "work on a production line" meaning prepare more than one. I tried this card last September for DD3 birthday and I have "approved" this attempt and want to send it to many friends.

So as I have seven more top covers that means 21 donuts to cook.

My friend Roselyne birthday is in early February and Virginie, my goddaughter, was born on the 21th so two cards to work on this month.

Une petite série de cartes beignets sera
bienvenue pour les anniversaires de cette année. Et rapidement puisque deux courriers doivent être expédiés dès début février !

Laine-crochet / wool

OAAT project now, the hexagonal/stripes pullover.

DD3 has announced a visit next Wednesday so we'll do some fittings to get precise mesurements for the sleeves length and how to adjust the neckline (I must keep in mind she'll have to put it on).

I started the striped sleeve, first wanted to crochet it in a round way to avoid sewing but it gave a different pattern as there is no back row.

So I started again as a rectangle.

I have prepared the cuff with a few crochet stitches to join the hexagons.

Tour de France 6  -   dessins / drawings

J'ai commencé à organiser mes futures étapes et à choisir mes guides avec comme précédemment deux dessins-énigmes plus un pour l'arrivée ce qui va représenter une bonne quarantaine de croquis.

Ce sera un TdF écologique :  circuit court, deux gilets pour économiser le chauffage, moins de papier avec la réutilisation d'images de versions antérieures, consommation raisonnée d'eau pour l'aquarelle ! Ha, Ha !

I've started to organize my future stages and choose my guides with, as before, two riddle drawings and a drawing for the finish, which will represent a good forty sketches.

It will be an ecological TdF: short circuit, two cardigans to save heating, less paper with the reuse of images from previous versions, reasoned consumption of water for the watercolors! Ha, Ha!

Couture / sewing

I have made two gnomes during my Countdown to Christmas in December. Most often an advent time craft, I'm glad to be ready to begin a new one.

A miss playing bagpipe was on the top of my list and some orange chocolate box cord will give me lovely curls but not enough for an entire hair (which could lead to buy more chocolate!).

I have chosen a "tall" body on which I'll sew a kilt and a white top. I need a cap and a bagpipe.

I have cut in a tartan fabric (from an old skirt) a rectangle and I'm making plies for the kilt. I'm also working on the hat.

Après avoir fabriqué deux gnomes pendant le C2C, j'ai très envie de continuer et de commencer par ma tête de liste : une demoiselle joueuse de cornemuse.

J'ai choisi un corps assez haut sur lequel je vais fixer un top blanc et un kilt, puis il me faudra un béret. J'ai donc coupé dans un tissu écossais provenant d'une ancienne jupe un rectangle sur lequel je vais coudre des plis. 

J'ai mis de côté un cordonnet orange récupéré sur une boîte de chocolat, démonté cela donnera de très jolis cheveux roux mais pas assez pour une coiffure entière (d'où peut-être l'obligation de racheter des chocolats!).

jeudi 18 janvier 2024


 It's now time for an update about one of my wool projects. Back on knitting in 2022 I finished this BOO cover for DD3 last April.

Made of  324 jersey knitted squares.

I'm pleased with some wool and needles in my hands and I wanted to be back on crochet and thought it would be fun to make something with the nanny squares technic.

I put the idea on our Whatsapp family group with some pictures

and...  wool you believe it!

Three daughters :  three projects, my elder asked for a jacket, a long one with big squares, only eggshell color  I found a pattern on internet :


and managed to finish it for her July birthday

The end of the story is that she told me she'll finally prefer a smaller one and I take off the bottom to get a waist size.

For DD2, it will be a surprise, I found this pattern for a cushion made with nine squares with crocheted cats here (and it's a WIP).

I proposed a small pullover with her beloved colors for DD3.

But she came back with a photo of an half hexagon/stripes pullover, this one :

So I turn my squares to hexagon, first to see if I was able to crochet this pattern. Thanks to the YT tutos, it was easy and fun. 

No pattern, my first calculations led me to about 60 pieces to do and hope after I'll find a way to add simple crocheted rows for the other half.

Now, I'm trying to assembly all of them. With only some half hexagon for the bottom line.  

From July to December progress

They are not exactly the same size, I suppose I crocheted sometimes less tightly. I'm following the shape of a large pullover DD3 gave me as a model.

As much as possible I intend not to put together the same border color.
With four basic colors : black, violet, purple and lime green.
I used leftover eggshell wool from DD1 jacket only for the inside pattern.

Easy at the start with so many different pattern it's becoming harder and for the back I have to change my plan and make them one by one
to get the colors I need.  

Here is a close pic of the hexagons crocheted together.

The waistline, the cuff and collar finishes will wait for the pull fittings.

I have a total of 57 hexagons and 4 halfs.

Without any tuto, I'm progressing in my own way with the half made with crocheted stripes and I'll make a separate sleeve later.

I have started crocheted rows to join the front to the back for 17 cm.

I had to order wool to continue the work. I added a cream color to my order to use the same quality of wool for the stripes but I found the one I received a little pinky so I'm back with my leftovers and the result isn't so bad.

Then I'll divide in two different parts to let the space to add the sleeve.

Un petit article récap sur le projet de pull hexagone pour DD3, après le long gilet pour sa soeur ainée et le futur coussin carrés chat pour la cadette, voici le modèle choisi par notre petite dernière. 

Je proposais d'assembler simplement des carrés en crochet dans ses couleurs favorites et elle est arrivée avec cette photo d'un pull mi-hexagones, mi-lignes. Donc je commence par réaliser plein d'hexagones aux couleurs mélangées, très sympa à faire. Puis à les assembler en me basant sur les mesure d'un de ses pulls.

Maintenant, il me faut compléter ce demi pull avec une moitié en lignes de mailles serrées en mélangeant les cinq couleurs de base.

Je relie le dos au devant jusque sous le bras puis je vais compléter le devant et le dos pour ensuite rattacher la manche.

A suivre...

lundi 15 janvier 2024



It's always nice to make gifts, nice too to receive some
and use them in our stitching projects.

It's great and fun to show all this and the perfect place is
on Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching on the 15th of each month
for the Gifted Gorgeousness post.


Cadeaux donnés ou reçus, toutes les occasions sont bonnes
pour partager nos coups de coeur et participer au "Gifted Gorgeousness"
de Jo - Serendipitous Stitching.

Petit retour sur des surprises de fin d'année tenues secrètes le temps qu'elles arrivent à leurs destinataires,
par exemple ces rennes qui ont laissés le traîneau du Père Noël
pour se promener du côté de la côte est anglaise.

Back on some December surprises I didn't show until they reach
their destinations, as those little reindeers
and this "first Christmas" stitching sent to baby Pierre

DD3 looking to my staircase garland noticed my felt hedgehogs
and asked for one dark red and one slate blue.

The big thing was to find where I had put the beads I used for their noses. I must have an embroidery angel cause I found them relatively soon and with all the supplies had a good start!

Première commande et cadeau de 2024,
deux petits hérissons en feutrine pour Eve-Amélie.

Speaking of DD3, the hexagon pullover kept my attention
those past days, I started to assembly them for half of the pullover and one sleeve to see how it's going.

As I'm trying to sew them together mixing the patterns
not to have two same colors (edge and what I call petals) close together.
Not so easy with four choices : black, violet, purple and green
(I only use white for the internal pattern)
The result is that I can't use some already crocheted pieces
and I'm changing the way I work.
Now I'm progressing one by one mixing the colors as I need them.

Soon a special post on this WIP
to help me to think about what to do next for the second half
made of crocheted stripes

Avant un article plus complet sur ce projet un peu spécial
tant pour son motif que pour son montage
première photo de ma moitié de pull, montage des hexagones
ordonnancé selon les couleurs : noire, violet, mauve et vert.

Après avoir associé ces quatre coloris (plus le blanc réservé
à l'intérieur) au hasard, je crochète désormais sur mesure
et selon les besoins.

mercredi 10 janvier 2024



It's the 10th of this month and Rachel from "Ten Hour Stitcher" welcome us and our Fully Finished achievements.

Please visit her blog and see all the finished projects of our stitching friends.


Here is the last fully finished stitching of December, I started it a bit late to get it ready soon enough to arrive on time in the mail box but baby Pierre won't hold that against me!

It's my first "first Christmas" pattern, I have seen so many lovely on Lynne's blog "Elfin stitches". And the birth of Pierre in last May gave me the perfect occasion.

I have chosen to finish it as an ornie cut like a Christmas bauble shape in a red Ho ho ho pattern cardboard.

I was glad to finish a new gnome too, Marit has joined the three guys already keeping my home safe.

She is a dress maker bringing some fabric and threads.

I have put some wire in her braids to have them up.

Next one will be a girl too, maybe a painter or a bagpiper (I have seen some Scottish gnome so cute).

To fulfill my promise, yesterday I have worked on the finish of two more characters of the serie Cuore e Batticuore, the Santa and the star girl.

I'm keeping my last finish for the GG post as it is a gift for DD3.

Nous retrouvons Rachel en ce 10 janvier pour quelques travaux complétement terminés : la petite déco pour Pierre "mon 1er Noël", une nouvelle arrivée chez les gnomes : Marit et deux montages supplémentaires chez les personnages de Cuore e Batticuore.