lundi 31 octobre 2022



Soyez les bienvenus dans le "Trick or Treat" Blog Hop qu'organise Jo à l'occasion de la fête d'Halloween.

Welcome to the "Trick or Treat" Blog Hop hosted by Jo from Serendipitious Stitching.

"DD1 welcoming display"

Familiar with this blog hop? You already know how to collect letters visiting stitching friends. Perfect, I'll give you one soon, if you need more details the link to Jo's blog is at the end of this post.

I have already shown on previous blog hop all I have cross stitched on Halloween theme.

Then I remembered some ghosts are welcome and I'm knitting a BOO cover for DD3 (I gave regularly news about it on GG posts).

I'm sewing the top squares rows to the big part already done so here is the almost complete portrait of BOO.

So, you're here to collect a letter...

A clean white sheet is very important for ghosts
that's why laundry is a big part of their days

The kids have had a great afternoon in Château de Meung sur Loire for the Halloween visit.

Before taking a relaxing bath,

you'll be pleased to visit the next blog

"Tricks or threads?"

Remember what can happen with the wrong answer!

Don't forget to get back to Jo with the mystery phrase and leave a comment.

Maybe it's time to explain the syringes. DD1 is a nurse working for the French blood donation establishment. 

samedi 15 octobre 2022



It's always nice to make gifts, nice too to receive some
and use them in our stitching projects.

It's great and fun to show all this and the perfect place is
on Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching on the 15th of each month
for the Gifted Gorgeousness post.

Cadeaux donnés ou reçus, toutes les occasions sont bonnes
pour partager nos coups de coeur et participer au "Gifted Gorgeousness"
de Jo - Serendipitous Stitching.

    Last month, there was pie on the GG menu
but it was to be served on the 17th precisely so I couldn't post
all about it, so it's now times to come to details...

I'm coming back with my oven mitts!

The idea of a pie came and I chose different fillings :
fruits maybe apples, a lattice pie crust,
meringue and chocolate of course

Plutôt qu'un gâteau d'anniversaire, pourquoi pas une tarte
les détails de fabrication devant être gardés pour ce mois-ci
pour ne pas les dévoiler trop tôt.

This embossed paper kept from a delivery, in my paper boxe
didn't expect to become a chocolate pie,
it has be painted in brown with sewed beads
as sugar in brown and white tiny sticks

Ce papier récupéré dans un emballage gaufré
sera parfait peint couleur chocolat et agrémenté de perles
de rocaille bâtonnets brun glacé et blanc

Then a purple mirror paper for the lattice crust red fruits pie

apple slices / tranches de pomme

Deux papiers miroir en violet pour la tarte fruits rouge avec croisillons
et un vert menthe décoré avec 4 petites meringues

A celebration word glued in each piece of pie

Dans chaque part de tarte, un petit mot pour célébrer l'évenement
le tout reconstitué sur une assiette au motif de citrons
et servi avec une serviette brodée d'initiales 

I have cut a plate with lemon in my magazine
to presente the pie (the four pieces are attached together)

As I have embroidered her initials, you have guessed now
for whom was that pie!  Yummy!

I'm still knitting wool squares for DD3  BOO  cover
I have finished ranks 2 - 3 - 4    (pinned together)

rank 5  is  17 / 18
ranks 6 to 16 are already sewed and I'm hiding the leftover threads
rank 17 is   6  / 18
ranks 1 and 18 are still not totally defined, there are supposed
to be knitted in blue but I have to check on the wool balls left
I don't want to order more wool if I still have enough
mixing white/pink/black/blue to reach the 36 needed squares

Christmas gifts/ornaments/cards are already on my GG list

This year I will made some new felt ornies
like the electrical garland I have seen on the net
funny idea with all the energy saving tips we have on TV each day

The big question is hand sewing or machine sewing
For DD3 I want smiling light bulbs

I must be wise too and not ignore the unfinished works
I started last year (cats, wreaths...)

Right place to introduce to you Mochi, 
this little Mademoiselle is now living in DD3 home

I had my second surgery yesterday morning
left eye more painful then the right one and
now I have totally lost the close view without glasses I had
(used every day to read, sew, draw, work on the PC etc...)
but recover a clear view far with those implants!
Would be great to have arms of 2 m long to stitch!

One more month to wait for the new glasses
in the meantime I'll try to use my magnifying glass
on short embroidery sessions to avoid headaches!

vendredi 7 octobre 2022


Back from my eye surgery, no idea what I'll be able to do during the next days, so...

It's a long time I have posted about food...

Première intervention sur ma cataracte faite, je ne sais pas trop sur quel genre d'ouvrages je vais pouvoir travailler pendant les prochains jours, donc...   cela fait très longtemps que je n'ai cuisiné sur ce blog...

For a barbecue party I made some Madeira jelly in verrine glasses, it's refreshing and tasty.

Tomatoes, green peas, carrots and some celery stick and I added a quail's egg

Parfait pour un menu fraicheur, les préparations à la gelée de Madère. Présentées en verrine ou dans un moule à charlotte, elles offrent une infinie variété de recettes.

A recent big one with leftover of ray fish with capers

I love to make tiramisu  (coffee, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple etc...)

Blanc d'oeufs en neige, mascarpone, framboises du jardin
et liqueur de framboise

This time I tried it with Fossier "pink biscuits" from Reims and some raspberries liquor

Next times I'll bought two boxes so I'll have some left to decorate the top or some smaller ones (not so easy to find) but great for a nice finish.

During last holidays in Normandy we had some delicious meals in local restaurants and I want to share the menu from "La Cressonière" in Veules-les-Roses, a "crêperie" -pancake restaurant- we discovered by chance.

I love the way they used buckwheat pancake as a bowl for watercress.

Cider and pancakes were delicious and we had an amazing "café gourmand", every thing homemade

Mini profiterolle, crème brulée, crêpe sucrée, chantilly, fruits
et café bien sûr.

Of course, fish and mussels, and I want to share that special "carte" for special courses.

To answer to your wife calls :

He just left

Haven't seen him this week

It's been weeks since he came

He never comes here

From 1.50 € to 10 €.

samedi 1 octobre 2022



First Saturday of October means that I'd like to post about a topic chosen by our stitching friends. This SAL is run by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching, it's about what you want to see on the blog.

Animals from the forest on the fabric dishes

Foxes on a fabric puzzle, a baby bib

Hedgehogs on a fabric bag, autumn hearts made with felt and buttons

Squarrels and owls in charms,  fox again...

Felt turtle and a cross stitched otter on my goose game

Young "wild' GD with her wool cap and muff

From deers to reindeers


Animals finger puppets on a world map for the kids

Noah's ark fabric with couples of wild animals for some baby gifts

A young DD3 in her bedroom inauguring new curtains with giraffes.

Wild cranes on the fabric of a tea bag holder

A felt parrot.

My camels caravan

Every year on display with the wise men

Miguel the chameleon from Filanthrope Broderies wearing two different suits