vendredi 31 mars 2017


March was in many ways a mad month, best madness was on the stitching of course

cause it's the topic of  "Theme-A-Stitch"  from Kerry of Ramblings of  Biscornu

and it's March the 31th, time to review this mad month, needles have run on many projects

Time to share the magic formula :  Take some Gifted Gorgeousness works, add a dash of Wipocalypse, spice with some new starts, watch the Theme-A-Stitch growing during 31 days and...   let's savour the March Madness...

Village Quaker  

            Patins d'argent / Silver skates : Pattini d'argento

 On the left, I'm trying
a thread D140 in place of
the brown used for shoes.

               Brin d'un jour : Marché de Noël      

Quand Noël s'en mêle              

                    Tra la la / Tableautin d'hiver

J'ai choisi un DMC 4045 - dégradé de vert pour broder l'arbuste à gauche sur le motif
I choosed a DMC 4045 Evergreen Forest - Color Variations to stitch the bust on the left side of the pattern.

Jeu de l'oie

a few stitches on "au bord de la mer"
"seaside towel"


new starts :

Sei personaggi in cerca di Natale - cuore et Batticuore

six personnages   Cuore et Batticuore

a secret stitching for next Easter Blog Hop organized by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching

See you tomorrow morning, cause it's a new month...
Demain matin nous serons le 1er jour d'un nouveau mois...


We are looking for a festival.

mercredi 29 mars 2017


We are looking for a festival.
Only two steps for this town, next clue on Friday evening!

lundi 27 mars 2017


Département 17 -  Charente Maritime
Fouras est à environ 17 km de Rochefort qui comprend un port et un arsenal, 5/1
Fouras is far from Rochefort for 17 km, in Rochefort you'll find an harbour and an arsenal.

Les titres des livres sur les étagères évoquent ses ouvrages et les pays qu'il a visité.
The books titles mentionned the books he wrote and the countries he visited.

"Pêcheur d'Islande" - "Mon frère Yves" -
Tahiti -Turquie - Sénégal - Japon

A 42 ans, il est élu à l'Académie Française au fauteuil 13.  (the French Academy when he was 42 years old).

Ile & Ilot   (ilot est l'anagramme de Loti)
Julien Viaud devient Pierre Loti  (surnom donné à Tahiti, le Loti étant une fleur tropicale).
Loti is the name of a tropical flower from Tahiti, it becomes his nickname.                              5/2

Le film "les demoiselles de Rochefort" fit la renommée de cette ville, sur les étagères les ouvrages citant Jacques Demy (réalisateur), Michel Legrand (musique) l'évoquent.   5/3

L'Hermione quitta le port de Rochefort pour accomplir la réplique du voyage de Lafayette vers l'Amérique.

La maison est fermée pour rénovation, The house is now closed to be renovated.
You can see some pretty pictures here :

The town of Rochefort is also known for a musical "les demoiselles de Rochefort" - Jacques  Demy movie - 1967 with Catherine Deneuve, Gene Kelly, George Chakiris...

"Les demoiselles de Rochefort" comédie musicale franco-américaine de 1967 de Jacques Demy. Interprétée par Catherine Deneuve et sa soeur Françoise Dorléac,
Gene Kelly et George Chakiris complètent une distribution où Jacques Perrin, Danielle Darrieux et Michel Piccoli se partagent les rôles principaux.

Superbes chansons et bande musicale composées par Michel Legrand.

Quelques idées de décoration, some news ideas for decoration

To be out and in a book

quelques murs peints dans nos villes,
some painted walls in our towns

rue de la Platière à LYON (69)  - Cité création

If you are (as I am) a big fan of painted walls, search on the net with Patrick Commecy name, he is a great artist well known for many beautiful works.

dimanche 26 mars 2017


As it is the last Sunday of the month, it's time for WIPOCALYPSE hosted by Melissa

A perfect SUNday as I have stitched sitting in the garden.

My goals for 2017 are to work on : keys/poppies themes/goose game/

and some old works : cube/buttons/autumn/

Goose game is the only piece I'm working on
(from goals list)

 As I found back my orange thread
(hidden in my armchair)

I added some numbers

and some feathers on geese
the bigger one and smallest

On Melissa WIPocalypse check-in you'll find many blogs participating too.

Two more lines to say that you can still play on STEP  5/3  till Monday evening...  (previous post)

and you can visit "StitchersAnon" who presents a game and the link to FB to win some books.

samedi 25 mars 2017


   Already two winners, we're still waiting for more clever stitchers.

LAST CALL for......

We could go to the harbour and sail to America as the Hermione in 2015
a little more help here :

   We're looking for an author house.

vendredi 24 mars 2017


We are looking for an author house, nous recherchons une maison d'écrivain.

This is a 3 clues post step, next one on Saturday...

mercredi 22 mars 2017


That's not Porto Bello road and we are not in Notting Hill, but come in for more clues...

mardi 21 mars 2017


This SAL is hosted by Kerry of Ramblings of a Biscornu

I wanted to be part of it, in February, my "to be finished in the month" piece was the figure I stitched for Valentine Blog Hop

the March theme is

March Madness - 
Work on as many different projects in March - You could do one a day or have a day when you see how many you can stitch on.

 (with a funny memory of the one I participated in 2014 with Heather Theme-a-licious).

On this mad list :

- Village Quaker / Jardin Privé

- Goose game
- Brin d'un jour : marché de Noël

- les patineurs/ice skatting / Cuore et  Batticuore 
  le sol glacé est terminé,  iced ground is finished

ajoutons deux travaux dont les progrès ont été présentés pour le GG
                  already shown progress for GG  SAL

- tableautin d'hiver / Tra la la
- quand Noël s'en mêle / Un chat dans l'aiguille

Please visit Kerry here :

soyons encore fous pendant dix jours, une petite régate en vue...
10 days left before the end of this challenge... 
  what about sailing...

dimanche 19 mars 2017


Département : 35   (encre/ink)    Castle = château, St Malo - la tombe/grave,  4/1.
Cuisson du steak "Châteaubriand"   (how to cook a steak!), l'oeuvre "Les mémoires d'outre-tombe" "Memoirs from Beyond the Grave" had/compte 42 livres/books.
Le Grand Bé (the name of the small island in St Malo bay, where he is buried), 4/3.

Four winners, that's great!
(Don't feel guilty using Wikipédia, it has been a great help for me too to prepare all those steps and thanks to internet where I have found a lot of pictures to copy for my drawings, links to museums or houses and illustrations for my small articles on book theme).

We visited this castle during some holidays in Brittany.

In the town I live, you can find free books to borrow  not only in the library, but in the bakery shop, the dentist waiting room...

Long ago, "library bus" came in small towns to propose books,
when I was young I was terrified by the visit of that bus,
all the pupils rush into it as the doors opened, choosing book so easily
and I stay lost taking a random book on the last second!
Most often not a good choice, not the choice the teacher wished for me!

Now those bus are coming again in some cities.

What about bookcrossing?  Que préfèrez-vous "le livre errant" "le livre voyageur" ?

En Gironde

à Poznan, New York,

J'ai même retrouvé ce cher Arsène suspendu aux branches d'un arbre...
Who did I found on the web hanging on a tree, this dear Arsène Lupin  (2/4).