dimanche 19 mars 2017


Département : 35   (encre/ink)    Castle = château, St Malo - la tombe/grave,  4/1.
Cuisson du steak "Châteaubriand"   (how to cook a steak!), l'oeuvre "Les mémoires d'outre-tombe" "Memoirs from Beyond the Grave" had/compte 42 livres/books.
Le Grand Bé (the name of the small island in St Malo bay, where he is buried), 4/3.

Four winners, that's great!
(Don't feel guilty using Wikipédia, it has been a great help for me too to prepare all those steps and thanks to internet where I have found a lot of pictures to copy for my drawings, links to museums or houses and illustrations for my small articles on book theme).

We visited this castle during some holidays in Brittany.


In the town I live, you can find free books to borrow  not only in the library, but in the bakery shop, the dentist waiting room...

Long ago, "library bus" came in small towns to propose books,
when I was young I was terrified by the visit of that bus,
all the pupils rush into it as the doors opened, choosing book so easily
and I stay lost taking a random book on the last second!
Most often not a good choice, not the choice the teacher wished for me!

Now those bus are coming again in some cities.

What about bookcrossing?  Que préfèrez-vous "le livre errant" "le livre voyageur" ?

En Gironde

à Poznan, New York,

J'ai même retrouvé ce cher Arsène suspendu aux branches d'un arbre...
Who did I found on the web hanging on a tree, this dear Arsène Lupin  (2/4).

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  1. What a beautiful chateau! This is a fun game. I love the unusual libraries.

  2. Just catching up on all your posts... what a great myself trip :o)
    I love the idea of a bus full of books! My idea of heaven :o)
    Hugs xx

  3. We have a telephone box book swap in a village near to me. It's well used.