dimanche 30 mai 2021



Département 76 /   Colour : pink = rose -    Veules-les-"roses" 

Les indices : liens vers les articles du blog : 76 sur le pull de Thibou, "rose your nose" ; le tableau de Delacroix pour le thème liberté du "You Choose" de 08-2020 Le musée d'Animal Crossing, bien sûr./ les roses du jardin pour la lettre R de l'Alphabet Club en 01/2017/ le portrait de son amie George Sand - notre visite 08-09/20 à Nohant, ses journaux de voyages dans les Pyrénées notamment.

Clues : 76 on the pullover - "rose" your nose (I hope it's correct, sorry if it was raise not rise) it's the same name for the flower and the colour pink - links to some posts including the painting (You Choose - Liberty - 08-20 with the Animal Crossing museum of which Blathers is the director) / Letter R for roses in my garden for the Alphabet Club -  01/2017 / The portrait of her friend George Sand our visit in Nohant 08;09-2020, his travel books (Pyrénées, England, Maroc).

Stamps and money paper - Representé sur de nombreux timbres à travers le monde et sur notre ancien billet de 100 francs.

Comme souvent, de nombreux travaux d'école très réussis
"à cartable ouvert"
Often you'll find school works 

The liberty guiding the people has been reinterpreted so many time, holding so many different flags and defending so many causes.

New 3D printer sculpture for this townhouse in Néoules
La mairie de Néoules innove avec une impression 3D !

In your clothes wardrobes...

no idea, I'll find a bath suit with Delacroix painting!

Or directly on your skin - ou directement sur votre peau

The city of Veules-les-roses is the best place for a roses festival.

If you want to visit Veules-les-roses, there are several small movies - lovely walks along the river and the water mills on You Tube and a webcam on the seaside.

and thoses lovely flowers have been named after Eugène Delacroix

De nombreuses fleurs dont beaucoup de roses rendent hommage à des peintres célèbres, celles-ci s'appellent Eugène Delacroix

You can stitch Animal crossing patterns too!


I love so cute amigurumi
crochet animal crossing characters  (Thibou / Blathers)

George Sand et Eugène
en bande dessinée


Chez Manoly Madgala pour une expo à Epinal, son portrait

La bataille entre Delacroix et Ingres caricaturée

So many patterns with roses, it's only a small selection


de V. Enginger chez les Brodeuses Parisiennes
Etude à la rose - Pierre de Ronsard

Chez Madame la Fée, l'eau de roses

chez amiesbrodeuses, pour octobre rose

Visiting "La Piscine" museum in Roubaix,
this wood sculpture of Armand Bloch showing famous portraits
of painters, sculptors, writers of the XIXe with at the top (right) : Delacroix

See you next Tuesday - A mardi !


Today is a busy day :

- arrival of the 2nd step of my Tour de France

- mothers day here in France

- wipocalypse update

Let me remind you that it is Measi from Measi's musings who organized this event on the last Sunday of the month. 


This month's topic is : What was the first project you ever stitched? (whether you finished or not).

I think my very first project was a doily stitched with chain point we made at school  (=7 ? middle school I was 12) kind of handicrafts class before they named them plastic arts.

The pattern was with flowers red and green, with a lace all around the embroidery.

I remember making a cushion with knotted wool, maybe a dog head. And a stuffed toy, small grey dog for which I won the first price. I perfectly remember when the teacher organized sort of a fashion show which turn into a monster show. Imagine poor little girls and boys unexperienced in sewing with this overly elaborate project. Mine looked like a dog but without wire in his front legs, he looked like Bambi skating.

Around 15, I made my sewing basket, on playing cards (already) theme. 

Before moving to cross stitching, I think it's a Richelieu embroidery doily which had announced the start of a great hobby.


Back to WIPocalypse 2021 plans which are no plan...

No list, every DIY WIP is welcome to show the tip of its nose and join the party.

My current cross stitching pattern is from Cuore e Batticuore : Knitting in quilt.

Some progress during our Normandy trip.

Last month pic

Here in my update


After months of drawings, watercolors, clues and very interesting research on colour theme and painters, the 4th Tour de France has started on May 18th.

You can read the posts or try to guess the colors, towns and artists. You can play when you want (no particular link between two steps).

No link between cities and painters either, it wasn't clear enough, sorry.

I hope that the visit of the Animal Crossing Museum led you to a lovely city by the sea.


I stay all year long in Christmas mood, there is so many ideas on the internet for Christmas ornaments, it's difficult to choose but last year I loved all the funny gnomes I saw on different sites and decided I must made a small serie.

Bodies made with fabric, a big nose, hair and beard and hats with small Christmas ornies. The list was on the paper then I had to find the right supplies to make them (no purchases allowed). An old green fabric with kind of palm tree leaves will be good used on the reverse side. An old pink thick fabric perfect for the noses.

Maybe you remember that I use to keep cords from gifts and how I already made the hair of a mermaid so I'll use the same way for hairs.

White, grey, black, brown, blue that's a good start.

I sew and filled six bodies, four noses and begun to make the patterns for the hats which had to be from different sizes and shapes. And then I stopped busy with something else.

This week I felt ready to open the gnome's hairdresser workshop. 

I have find in my stash already two fabrics I thought could be nice : one tartan fabric and a dark red with kind of a velvet effect for the hats.

I'll add a wire inside to keep a wavy shape.

I'm putting aside small charms, bells, wood buttons, strings for further final decoration.


I'll will reveal the city in a few hours, but here are our next guides waiting for you...

Don't forget to visit other bloggers participating to the Wipocalypse...

jeudi 27 mai 2021



He was a great friend of a famous novelist I wrote about last summer visiting her home in Berry.

Grand ami d'une romancière dont nous avons visité la demeure l'été dernier dans le Berry, voici son portrait ;

The stitching clue is in his name something about cross.

anagramme : cordiale et je vous donne le x.

This painter was also known for his travel diaries.

Très tentant de créer un joli carnet de voyage, vous trouverez chez Laurence de nombreux conseils concernant l'écriture.

If you want some advices for a nice travel diary, you can visit Laurence here :


mardi 25 mai 2021



Have not found the department number yet, just rose your nose and take a closer look to his outfit.

...Hi! it's 7.30 am here, for those who are in front of a nice warm cup of tea (or coffee)... happy breakfast and welcome to the second step!

Bonjour, il est 7 h 30, pour celles et ceux qui sont en train de déguster une bonne tasse de thé (ou de café) joyeux petit déjeuner et bienvenue pour le départ de cette deuxième étape !


dimanche 23 mai 2021



Département : 95   /  Couleur : vert  = green - Au"vers"  sur Oise.

Les indices : le Professeur Tournesol bien sûr, l'Oise, VVG, les lettres à son frère Théodore, vert la couleur de l'espoir et le feu vert signe de départ, la ville jumelle de Zundert.

Clues : The French name of Dr Calculus asa Professor Sunflower, the river Oise, letters VVG, green color of hope and start, letters to his brother Theo and twinned city Zundert.

Here are some choices of embroidery, stitching and DIY art inspired by van Gogh.

Voici maintenant quelques images de créations inspirées par van Gogh tant en broderie qu'en couture ou autres travaux artistiques.

La collection "Tournesol" et "Iris" d'après VVG en 1988 chez Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent 1988 spring-summer collection.

Une interprétation de la robe "tournesol" pour poupée mannequin.
A sunflower dress for a model doll.

Great embroideries in hoops

Embroided brooches by Ira Pashkevych

Dans la série "mini artists gallery" de chez Cloud factory.

What a surprise to find all those crocheted dolls on the net.

Love this crocheted doll with his painting brush!
Cette poupée au crochet si complète avec son pinceau.

En poupée à découper (détail de l'oreille un peu troublant).

What about a snice shall like the starry night

for a chilly night.

Que pensez-vous de ce châle "nuit étoilée"

pour une soirée un peu fraîche.

Sunflowers in wool felt


2015 - Zundert flower parade - 600.000 dahlias.

Sculpture "le grand van Gogh"

 de Bruno Catalano à Marseille.

Halloween 2018 in Kawasaki - Japan. People dressed in famous paintings.


Cette superbe fresque dans la ville de Cuesmes en Belgique.

Street art in Cuesmes - Belgium.


Stand Herd is taking some measurements for...

a Van Gogh - Olive trees painting - 5.000 m2 land art in Minnesota

Maybe the best way to see it with this amazing hot air balloon

Reprenons la route ou plutôt les airs pour notre prochaine étape avec cette montgolfière à l'effigie de Vincent Van Gogh.

Well done everybody, I hope you enjoyed this first step!

See you on Tuesday...   A new color, a new town and a new painter!

Bravo aux participantes, j'espère que vous avez aimez cette première étape. On se voit mardi... une nouvelle couleur, une nouvelle ville et un nouveau peintre !