mercredi 15 mars 2017


Le 15 de chaque mois grand rendez-vous pour partager nos réalisations à offrir ou faites avec des cadeaux reçus, un SAL organisé par Jo de Serendipitous Stitching,

March update for Gifted Gorgeousness, a SAL from Jo - Serendipitous Stitching,

You'll find here all about the SAL, all about Jo and the stitchers and their progress,

In my GG post, most often, it's about gifts to myself!

Progress on "Brin d'un jour - Marché de Noël"
a gift for my Christmas tree : the cupcake market,
the thread DMC 550 was given by DD3
as a "souvenir from Tokyo" ;)

Progress on "Quand Noël s'en mêle - un chat dans l'aiguille"

Progress on "Pattini d'Argento - Cuore e Batticuore"
Nothing spectacular, I'm hurring to stitch ice before the weather get warmer
Du blanc, toujours du blanc, je me dépêche de broder la glace
avant que les premiers rayons du soleil ne la fasse fondre.

Progress on "Tralala - tableautin d'hiver"

a closer view, as there were "frogs" under the snow, I forgot the middle heart

Last progress, this afternoon,  on "Village Quaker - Jardin Privé"
with the help of my grandson (5), who was really involved and wanted to do some cross, too cute!
(Of course, the best gift I received).

9 commentaires:

  1. What lovely stitching! My favorite is the Quaker Village. I enjoyed seeing your embroidery piece, I am tempted to start something like that soon. Your stitching is exquisite!

  2. Beautiful stitching, as always. I have once again had a most enjoyable visit.

  3. Quaker village is beautiful. Great work on all of them.

  4. Thanks to you and your grandson for taking part in GG this month! I love the Batticuore piece and the wonderful Quaker Village too.

  5. Quand Noël s'en mêle is a lovely project. The Quaker village might be my next Jardin Privée purchase - after I complete the two projects that I have. Beautiful stitching on all your work.

  6. Gorgeous stitching! I love the spotty fabric, and your Tralala, and Village Quaker is simply beautiful.

  7. Oh, this is all so very pretty but I do love "Quand Noël s'en mêle - un chat dans l'aiguille" - just gorgeous!

  8. Tant de jolis projets de broderie pour le GG post de ce mois. J'aime beaucoup la grille de Tralala, une de mes créatrices préférées.