dimanche 25 février 2024



Time to share with Melissa and the Wipocalypse family the projects we want to complete before the end of the world.

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Only 10 days from GG post but some more stitches on the Lady and the unicorn.

Je continue à progresser sur la robe de la Dame.

I have a LOT of wool threads to stop and hide with all those colored stripes on my hexagon sweater.

I have added ranks of bridles at the bottom, finished the cuffs and I'm sewing the sleeve.

I know you'll think one is larger than the other but it's the same number of bridles (I'll check again...). 

Enormément de fils à rentrer à cause de toutes ces rayures !
Finition des poignets, ajout de rangs de brides à la taille et essai de montage de la manche.

Still drawing and adding some watercolor for my TdF6 stages.

De nouveaux dessins pour les futures étapes du Tour de France n° 6.

Some news about my cat cushion, more cats (not sure I'll use all of them because some wool will probably be too thick). 

More landscapes, hard to find brown wool in my stash for ground so I'm trying the one I used for a crocheted fox with a blue sky. There is no real attempt of matching colors as the goal is to use some of the wool I have but I'll have to assemble the nine squares together in a pretty way so I thought I'll make four corners with the same blue sky.

Quelques petits chats supplémentaires et de nouveaux paysages.

Pas beaucoup de laine marron pour crocheter des sols en terre mais je suis retomber récemment sur un restant de laine utilisée pour un renard donc j'essaie. Le but étant de piocher dans le stock de pelotes je ne cherche pas à accorder à tout prix les couleurs mais comme je vais devoir assembler les neuf carrés ensemble je pense faire quatre carrés avec le même ciel bleu pour que cela soit plus joli.

Topic for February post: What stitch-a-longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?

A new schedule this year are the You Choose SAL has stopped :

Gifted Gorgousness with Jo on the 15th and the Wipocalypse with Measi at the end of the month.

Fully Finished Gallery and Smalls Sal by Rachel if I got something new to show.

3 commentaires:

  1. Great stitching and knitting .. TdF looks interesting, I wonder if you will be near our holiday destination this year

  2. Great stitching and yarnwork. Hope that pretty sweater will be finished soon!

  3. The Lady and the Unicorn is looking great. Lovely work on the hexie cardigan too.
    Serendipitous Jo