jeudi 15 juin 2017


It's Gifted Gorgeousness, hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, it's time to show all you have stitched using fabric or threads that has been gifted to you or some piece you're planning to offer.

Here,  you'll find Jo post and links to other stitchers

I started this little rabbit as a kind of gift for my blog for the Easter Blog Hop, with a pattern "Brin par Brin" I offered myself at sale price, to be finish as a small bag.

After an appointment with an eye specialist (maybe the appointment should have been for me) he has now blue eyes, he is still waiting for his mustache. He wears a green jacket, yes he has only his right ear done, but I'm not very fond of the colour I chose, so next appointment is to a stylist.

Bon pied, bon oeil, mon lapin a revêtu une jolie veste verte et attend ses moustaches.

I didn't make the same mistake for Mona Lisa, I thought of keeping the place for her hands. She won't have to lie and pretend she is looking for her ticket to go back to Le Louvre Museum. (Yes, as we are close, she told me that she sometimes leaves her frame and goes for a walk in rue de Rivoli. To be honest, I think she is like me and prefers the flying chairs of Jardin des Tuileries).

The idea is a gift from Jo (post of January 2016),
with a link to the free pattern of Mr X Stitch.

Pas d'oubli pour la Joconde, petit mais très plaisant à faire.

Progress on Village Quaker are kept for Theme-tas-stitch update.

Time to show you two projects linked to my grand childs.

A fabric memory/jigsaw game for my grand daughter who will be 1 year old at the end of the month, so no rush to cut and sew but a good Gifted time to show you what I bought for her in last January

It was a new designer "ZAZOBOUZI" present in the local DIY fair
(domino, loto, puzzle, clock...)
Here are some creations

So much ideas for gifts.

The other project is a partnership with my grandson.
I asked him to draw something with pens for fabric (the only colors I got are violet and green)

and I'm drawing a pattern to stitch a commun work.

The lastest new project is a secret as I'm participating in the Christmas in July exchange organized by Kaye from Kitting Stitching.

New projects means more works in progress and finishes postponed to an undefined date, But I remain optimistic, maybe with the Longest Day Marathon Stitching on next wednesday and more surely with the two weeks of holidays from 06/25 to 07/08!

2 commentaires:

  1. Ton petit lapin est tellement mignon.
    Quelle idée de faire un puzzle pour ta petite-fille en toile. Elle va être ravie. Ainsi que ton petit-fils quand il voit le résultat de votre oeuvre en commun. J'aime bien le petit jardin avec les violets qu'il a dessiné.
    Bonne chance avec The Longest Day Marathon.

  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month with your lovely stitching. Mona Lisa is looking lovely and very enigmatic already!
    I love the piece that you and Timothe designed together. It reminds me of this one I stitched -