dimanche 15 février 2015


Second rendez-vous avec le "Gifted Gorgeouness" de JO

As I'm still looking for my Valentine... there is already the second GG to update

my Valentine's Day was a sweet one, some pics to savour reading this post....


A new event modified my projects

A friend of DD1 have had a baby boy in january,
so a card to knit, a bib to sew,
and some elephants ornaments

with a lovely fabric

with couples of animals
ready to jump in the ark

sewed on wrong side
not easy to return
but with patience
and persistence

have I told you that
the boy was named

pour un joli bébé
prénommé Noé

Comment imaginer que cette bobine
de laine à repriser issue d'un vieux stock
de maman inutilisé se révèlerait
si utile au moment de confectionner
une queue pour un éléphant bleu ?

How could you imagine that this
blue darning thread  (from an old stock)
would prove to be so useful
this time for the making of
a tail for a blue elephant....

as you can see a tea pot is
always the good way to
find the right design

Just for fun, about elephant I took this pic last autumn, visiting "Beauval Zoo"
Just imagine three volumes of your encyclopedia between the two animals
and think of the strong shelf you need for them.

GG2 : a beginning during our small holidays :
on an aïda dark blue, blanc B5200 / bleu 794

A Chibi stitches design,
from Mélanie Pelet,
free pattern given on
France Broderie stand
(for a blue linen purchase)

in memory of the "Charlie Hebdo" team killed in Paris on january 7 th.

GG3   Dans la série "les clés"  la clé de sol.....

some progress on musical score

divers diagrammes de clefs trouvés sur le net / patterns by (ex ; lesloisirsdabbygaelle - echevette)

vous voulez nous rejoindre dans cette aventure
do you want to join this sal...   it's here

8 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic projects. Your baby gifts are absolutely stunning.

  2. What sweet, sweet gifts you have made the new baby.
    I am still waiting for the Valentine I made to show up also. :(

  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love all the baby gifts especially the tiny knitted jumper on the card! My friend's son is called Noah, I made him a birth sampler with his name and a little ark on it.

  4. Noah's gifts are so sweet, you've made some beautiful keepsakes.

  5. Adorable baby gifts! I love the elephants ... so cute.

  6. I love the elephants and the sweater card! Also your comments....on Jo's blog.....the words beginning with G!

  7. Love your elephants. What pretty fabric and lovely gifts.