lundi 16 mars 2015


Dear Stitcher, Blogger, Reader, Friend,

Hi it's Jocondine, I have planned a trip and want to invite you on a journey through the country of France.

Each step will lead you to a town, famous for a museum, a fabric, a lace, a specific technique something always linked with the embrodery and sewing universe.

We'll travel by train, start from Paris and in every post, you'll meet a character who will accompany you.

He or she will give you some clues to help you to find our destination.
Hidden in the drawings, in dialogues they might be geographic, historical clues, sometimes little enigma, kind of riddles.

There will be two publications (on wednesday and friday), a new town each week.
During this times you'll be welcome to propose names of the town or simply post comments.
Correct answers will be withheld until the Sunday  when the third post will show you the destination town.

It is up to you if you want to expand your knowledge with the internet links to those famous places or anecdotes and small stories which I will include on Sundays.

I hope that you'll find it fun to join me on this journey.

See you on wednesday for the official departure. No luggage needed only curiosity for this modest entertainment.

Have a nice trip!

Chère brodeuse, cher brodeur, lectrice, lecteur, amie, ami,

Je vous propose un petit voyage à travers les départements français et l'occasion de découvrir ainsi quelques belles villes de nos provinces aux spécialités liées à l'univers de la broderie ou de la couture : dentelle, tissu, point de broderie typique, musée....

Nous allons voyager par le train au départ de Paris, à chaque étape vous serez guidé par un personnage qui vous donnera quelques indices pour découvrir notre destination.

Dissimulés dans les dessins, les dialogues, ces indices pourront être géographiques, historiques, de petites énigmes ou devinettes.

Chaque semaine une nouvelle ville, départ le mercredi, deuxième indice le vendredi, vos propositions ou commentaires seront les bienvenus. Les bonnes réponses ne seront pas publiées jusqu'à la solution. Enfin, le dimanche soir la ville d'arrivée vous sera révélée.

Libre à vous de visiter les liens vers les sites.

J'espère que vous vous amuserez lors de ce périple.

Rendez-vous mercredi, pas de bagages juste un peu de curiosité pour partager cette petite ballade sans prétention.

Bon voyage !


2 commentaires:

  1. this is absolutely fantastic news! thank you!
    I've been anticipating the start of this journey, I will do my best to guess every town and discover more about it.
    bisous, chiara

  2. This sounds like great fun!
    Can't wait - I have always wanted to travel around France - many years ago I did a bus tour of Europe and we did see some of France during that time but nowhere enough! I have been to Paris twice but only for a couple of days at a time....
    Hugs xx