dimanche 12 novembre 2017


C'est un peu triste que je vois s'achever l'ALPHABET CLUB auquel j'ai participé depuis août 2015 avec beaucoup de plaisir. Passionnée de lettres, de mots, c'était le parfait thème pour des articles.

I'm a little sad today because it's the end (my end) of the ALPHABET CLUB, I took part since  August 2015  with a great pleasure. I love letters, words, so it was perfect for me.

Usually, I post on the first Saturday of the month but next month in December, Christmas month very busy one, so I close my dictionary today with the Z.


As on preview posts, I have imagined a scenario for those mensual posts
as the creators of this new event offer us a quite total liberty to how develop them.

My own way will go into worlds of stitching, words, drawings, designs, garden, cooking, music and travels.

Evocation of  a word begining with the letter linked to DIY activities
and personal researches on what you could find in my garden, in my kitchen, on my record player (the vinyl one), in my travel souvenirs.

Z comme zip

Z comme le point zig zag

Z  dans la ville,  in the city
     comme le point zéro des routes de France au pied de Notre-Dame

Z comme  Zazobouzi

A designer I discovered in January, I bought a fox puzzle I'm sewing for my granddaughter

maybe the next one to make.

Z  comme  zodiaque,  Astronomy is a hobby I share with DH,
     constellations, planets, eclipse,

     Z + stars =  the Zodiac SAL
     Jo organizes now (after the Alphabet Club)
     on the first Saturday of the month)


Z comme  zoom,   I love photography,

14 - 42 mm      40 - 150  mm    the last one is my tea mug!

in the kitchen, dans la cuisine,
z comme  zan

zan  (réglisse - licorice)
Zan was an old French sugar/licorice fabric in 1856
(founded in an old paper mill from 1770 in Uzes)

The name is supposed to come from a child asking his mother (lisping)

"Z (j) ' en veux maman, donne moi z en"  (Want it, mum, give some to me)

After beeing bought by Haribo in 1987, the fabric is now the "musée du bonbon" we visited with girls during holidays nearby.

Writing this post made me remember that my parents used to name childs with affection "Bout de Zan" (piece of Zan) that was surely a sweet name in the 60's.

 A lot of lovely vintage poster with Zan

The museum Haribo
with of course a huge shop
you can't miss

But what's more useful than Zan for spiders...

or a starting line of speed cars...

dans le jardin,   no Zinnia in my garden, this has to change.

sur ma platine vinyl

Z comme  Zorro,
   DH is still watching those episodes with his 8 years old eyes, can't miss one

Z comme Zébulon

Still have the vinyl...
Zébulon  (with the red face on a spring)

I was certainly 5 or 6  when this cartoon was on TV,  Margotte, Pollux, Azalée and friends.
I remember that we made the snail character Ambroise with wool and a small hat made with the cap of a bottle of cheap wine.

Zébulon always said  "Tournicoti Tournicoton" as a magic phrase to jump into the fairy world.

Z dans mes souvenirs de voyage

Zugspitze (Deutschland)

Zell am see  (Osterreich)

Zat's all Folks!  My Alphabet Club is finished.
Let's close this virtual book on 27 posts/letters so pleasant to write for me.
Thanks to Chiara and Jo who were the mothers of this great event.

De A à Z, nous avons parcouru ensemble "The Alphabet Club", refermons cet amusant dictionnaire.
Merci à Chiara et Jo qui étaient à l'initiative de cet évènement mensuel.

Bientôt quelques congés, donc repos et broderie pour les prochains jours et peut-être de nouveaux articles...
Soon some holidays, I  need to rest and stitch and maybe some new posts...

3 commentaires:

  1. Great finish for the club, you had such fun and informative posts!

  2. What a wonderful way to finish the Alphabet Club. Thank you so much for keeping up with the posts and always showing so many interesting pictures.
    The camera lens mug is a Best Seller in our shop, along with The Man Tin!
    I used to love Magic Roundabout when I was little too, our snail was called Brian, the dog was Dougal, the girl with the blue ribbon was Florence and Zebedee was Zebedee! Boing, it's time for bed!

  3. Et voilà, le TAC est terminé. C'était vraiment beaucoup de plaisir de lire tes entrées pour chaque lettre.