dimanche 27 janvier 2019


Premier rendez-vous du Wipocalypse, le programme ambitieux de cette année est de terminer le plus d'ouvrages possible sur la liste des 19 projets sélectionnés.

19 projects selected to participate in Wipocalypse SAL with an ambitous plan in 2019! Following the example of many fearless stitchers.

Débutons avec la série de Cuore & Batticuore les six personnages de Noël, il ne me restait que quelques finitions pour terminer les deux demoiselles.

In the serie of six Christmas characters, I had only some stripes to stitch and to finish the backstitch. Look  how happy she is with her striped tights and yellow stars on her dress.

Some work too on Halloween phrase which is now completed.

I worked on the loto game, a lot of zig zag sewing so a LOT of threads to stop and hide in the fleece fabric.


The question of this month :

What SALs are you participating in this year?

I love to participate in all the events Jo from "Serendipitous Stitching" is organizing all through the year. 

On the first Saturday of the month the new SAL "the people choose" give us a topic chosen by stitchers who can vote on FB.

Since October, we already have posted about :  halloween, birthstones, dragons, new starts. The next theme will be "hearts" soon in February.

On the 15th I like to post about the Gifted Gorgeousness. Gifts you are making, gifts you received and used in a stitching, both are welcomed in this SAL.

In her January post Jo gave us a link to a new SAL " Fully Finished"

You can consult Rachel's blog and see all about it here :


I'd like to take part of it, that would mean I have less "near to be full finished" stitchings or just find some lovely ways to use charts I have chosen to stitch without a special idea.

Pour donner un statut quasi officiel à ce Wipocalypse, une assemblée de savants se réunira chaque mois pour statuer sur mes travaux d'aiguilles.
Le professeur Barbenfouillis présidera donc à la bonne tenue des débats.
J'espère, toutefois, que le genre "science-fiction" ne s'appliquera pas à mes réalisations !
Inspiré de Jules Verne - de la terre à la lune 1865 et de  H. G.Wells - les premiers hommes dans la lune 1901,

A trip to th Moon is a 1902 adventure film directed by Georges Méliès, inspired by different sources, including Jules Verne's novel - from the Earth to the Moon 1865 and H.G. Wells - around the Moon 1901.


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  1. Love the Christmas People, such sweet designs.
    I am glad that you will be taking part in my SALs again this year, and the blog hops too!

  2. Sweet Christmas folk you have been stitching