dimanche 22 octobre 2017


We had big issues with the internet during last weeks, no more phone, no more TV box, no more internet... so I'm late on a lot of posts...

So, here is the new ZODIAC SAL, Jo from Serendipitious Stitching is hosting.

On her blog, you'll find the first Saturday of each month the linking post.

She is starting with Libra, an Air sign represented by Scales.
Shoehorns allowed.


No Libra or scales in my stitching, but Air can be a good shoehorn,

In my vocabulary book, the plane page will be ok for this post
for the words :  plane, cloud, sky

The word as a banner and I will add a toy paper plane in a paper pocket in the back.
Le mot avion flottera dans l'air tel une banderole et une maquette sera installée sur le dos de la page dans une pochette de papier.

Restons dans les airs, dans le ciel du jeu de l'oie, finition des montgolfières et des cerf-volants

I added some colors in the balloon and the kite of the goose game.

My WIP of the moment is "Patins d'argent" and there is a lot of snowflaxes in the air.

Flocons de neige dans le ciel des Patins d'Argent, mon ouvrage du moment.

This post is dedicated to my beloved dad
who was born on September 29th
at his family home in the street of Justice!

Welcome now
in the Gifted Gorgeousness

I have finished to knit in the garter stitch a piece of rectangular shape (to close for a woolen hat).

I wish tomorrow I'll see my granddaughter to verify the size and make some fittings.
Finitions et essayages à venir.

A card for a baby boy named  Arthur.

Une petite carte de félicitations
pour la naissance d'Arthur.

2 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for taking part in both SALs this month! I really do appreciate people joining in and having fun.
    Great work on your board game, how nice there were so suitable squares for Libra.

  2. September 29th was my parents wedding anniversary.
    A lovely zodiac post, nice craftwork you have shared.