jeudi 26 octobre 2017


Finally, the Theme-tas-stitch post...

Opulent October

Break out the bling, stitch with beads, charms, metallics or on sparkly fabric.

WIP on sparkly fabric :

still no decision for the color dress

Sei Personaggi in cerca di Natale - Cuore e Batticuore

Metallics :

I made a change for the brown color of the trees and stitched them with a DMC 140

Skates are stitched with a silver
instead of the recommended grey 169
I'll thought it will be more realist (metal)

But I don't like the result for the
writing on the top, not enough contrast.

I'm thinking of stitching the title all in red,
DH is voting for red and green
or I can go back to the grey
Any advice?

Pattini d'Argento    Cuore e Batticuore

Marché de Noël

Beads :

Dans le cadre de la "pêche à la ligne" pour laquelle je couds des poissons, j'ai pensé que les pêcheurs pouvaient également tombés sur un trésor, j'avais donc dans l'idée de fabriquer un coffre contenant or et bijoux,

For my "game of line fishing", I'm sewing fishes, but sometimes fisherman can also found a treasure so I thought of making a trunk with jewelries.

A nice surprise to found in my bag of cheap jewelry (those given in the shops as gifts) some shellfish and sea star.

                             "I was passing by and found this pearl necklace is perfect for me!"

Shiny effects with this wooden muff, I'm ready for a cold winter.

5 commentaires:

  1. What an opulent post! I vote for a grey green for the lettering to make it stand out a little bit more. Maybe some blending filament for sparkle?

  2. The spotty fabric is so lovely for this pretty design.
    Love the treasure chest.

  3. I can always rely on you to tick every box with your beautiful work. You have such an eye for detail. Thanks for joining in

  4. Your ideas are so creative, especially the treasure chest! I love the Marché de Noel designs, they're very cute.

  5. Great post, love the Christmas design and the change in colours for the trees and skates. I would do the lettering all in red.