vendredi 30 mars 2018


I'm sorry not to have a letter to give you this year, I obviously missed something or comment "I'm in" on the wrong post, so I'm not in the hunter list, but as my post was ready, let me be an advertising post for the

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

You'll have to collect letters all around the blogs and forme a sentence
then go back to Jo with the mystery phrase.

Bells are flying back from Rome and delivering chocolate eggs in our garden on the Eastern Sunday returning to their bell tower to ring again.

For this event I have stitched a special chart

     Spring is here, birds in the garden with some sewing/stitching accessories

A chart from Brin par Brin, part of the series "les oiseaux brodeurs"

I have bought this tasty chocolate bell to show you a letter but as I found yesterday evening that I have (one more time) make a mistake, this bell will  (before being eaten) divert your attention from the left side of the stitching.

Have fun collecting letters and an happy Easter!

Joyeuses fêtes de Pâques !

7 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful stitching! I'm sorry you do not have a letter, but Happy Easter to you!

  2. Joyeuses Paques, j'adore les oiseaux 🐤

  3. Such Sweet Vintage Easter cards, gorgeous stitching and your chocolate bell looks delicious!

  4. C'est très joli, ta broderie pour Pâques. Et cette cloche en chocolat a l'air délicieux.

  5. What a lovely stitch and delicious-looking bell! So fancy! Happy Easter to you~

  6. Lovely stitched design Nadine and yummy chocolate egg. I´m sorry your name got missed as you usually take part in this Easter hop, Joyeuses Paques.

  7. Oh no, how did I manage to miss you out? You always take part in my hops. I feel really sorry because you made a beautiful post too.
    I love your little sewing birds. I think these must be the birds from the Disney version of Cinderella who help make the dress!