samedi 6 octobre 2018


New SAL on the first Saturday of each month,
after the "Alphabet Club" and the "Zodiac SAL"  Jo runs now "Let the people choose!".

Everything is explained on her blog and on the first post you'll find all the links to other bloggers :

Halloween isn't a big part of our traditions here, but I have stitched some charts most often to participate in Jo's Halloween Blog Hop...

It was time to have a real big Halloween piece to work on.

It's called "I love Halloween in the rain"   from Cuore e Batticuore started on the end of January.

Here I am now,

With some new raindrops, a spider in progress and a finished white cloud.

I still have some problems with the grey DMC 648 for the skull on the pumpkin which is not ok on the color of the fabric, too pale. The second issue is a small spot near the right border (I could eventually cover with a raindrop!).

Après quelques petits travaux brodés à l'occasion des Blog Hops d'Halloween organisés par Jo, il était temps de réaliser une belle pièce sur ce thème.

Perfect post to update my "une famille formidable"
from Isabelle Haccourt Vautier chart

as some black cats were waiting for back stitching

I only have to finish the big cat on the right which actually looks like it got an insect on the head!

Derniers points sur la famille formidable, les contours des chats, le matou de droite semble avoir pour le moment un gros insecte sur la tête !

Puisqu'elle me tient compagnie dans mon futur projet, je laisse à Madame MIM le mot de la fin,
vous annoncez le prochain thème : les pierres de naissance.

6 commentaires:

  1. Full of spooky little crosses, the bookmark is lovely

  2. So much progress on the Rainy Halloween! And the black cat stitch. It does look like a spider on the unfinished cats head!

  3. I like what you've stitched so far, and I love your Halloween in the Rain! A little extra raindrop would fix that right up.
    Your cats are sweet and it does look a bit like a bug on it's head!

  4. Très intéressant de voir tes projets Halloween. Le grand projet de Cuore et Batticuore est vraiment superbe. Mais j'aime aussi les smalls, particulièrement le marque-pages.

  5. Thanks for taking part in the first ever People's Choice SAL. I am so happy that I have inspired you to stitch some Hallowe'en stuff already. Love those black cats too.
    And Madam Mim is wonderful, her duel with Merlin is one of my favourite parts of the Sword in the Stone animation.

  6. I love "I love Halloween in the rain" ! AriadnefromGreece!