dimanche 2 décembre 2018


On the first Saturday of the month, the new Event organized by Jo from Serendipitious Stitching...


Busy Saturday, so I'm one day late for this new theme : dragons.

Well, no dragons stitched but this year I have crossed the path of a few dragons, let me introduce them to you...

This is our Disneyland castle with the dragon's lair 

Knowing Jo's love for dragons, I was tempted to stick a label "this is Jo's dragon's lair".

we visited last April.

Another one during the parade

Quelques dragons bretons vus au château de Suscinio,
     some dragons in Suscinio castle in Brittany

Then the flying dragons during the kite festival in Dieppe. Puis les dragons volants du festival de DIEPPE.

Dragon crash!

 A visitor from  Brasil

But let's go back to what the people choose... dragons

Which shoehorn to use? I was ready to give up when I found a quite funny way to post.

We use the same word "dragon" for dragoon, and "armé" (as in army) for reinforced.
That's it, one of the paper works I have loved on magazine was some little characters made with a kraft reinforced string. And I wanted to try to make a singer choir as in Isabelle Guiot-Hullot book "Poésie de papier".

Et bientôt, dans quelques jours nous rejoindrons l'Alsace où ce charmant dragon accueille les visiteurs à l'hôtellerie des deux clefs de Turckheim.

We will soon be in holidays in Alsace where this lovely dragon welcome visitors in Turckheim.

5 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for taking part in the SAL this month with a wonderful selection of Dragons! My favourite is the beautiful steampunk style dragon from the parade, I'd love to have him in my garden!
    Your choir is great, a lovely little project.

  2. Oh all those dragons look magical, I also love your paper choir.AriadnefromGreece!

  3. A post filled with lovely things for the People Choice.
    Your choir is beautiful

  4. You've come across a lot of dragons! I don't think I've every run into any; maybe at the Ren Faire. Your shoehorning power is AWESOME!

  5. Great post Nadine, love all your dragons and those little paper people are awesome, so clever.