mercredi 5 septembre 2018



Before packing, let me share with you the summer postcard I received from...

I would like to wish you all the best for a sunny warm stitch friendly summer!

That's the perfect view I'd love to see from my stitching place.

You can visit Ariadne here :

Summer postcard is an event organised by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching, I encourage you to visit her blog and enjoy this summer trip

At the end of the week, we'll go to Dieppe for two weeks. Some holidays beginning with the International Kite Festival.

Drawings are from the Indian Artist Dinesh Holla.

TAO will welcome you as the year theme is : the world of fantasy.

Le thème de cette année étant le monde du fantastique, notre hôte s'appelle TAO.

Le Cambodge étant l'invité d'honneur, nul doute que le ciel dieppois va bientôt se remplir de fabuleux dragons.

No doubt many dragons will fly soon in the sky of Dieppe as Cambodia is the guest country.

Bon vent et à bientôt !
Wish you fair winds.... see you soon!

6 commentaires:

  1. Have a wonderful time at the festival! Hope you've had a good summer.

  2. That would be a nice view for vacation stitching!

    The kite festival looks amazing. I bet there will be such a rainbow of color!

  3. Great postcard from Ariadne and wow! A kite festival - amazing! Can't wait to see pics of that - have a fun time!

  4. What a pretty scene from Ariadne, and beautifully stitched too!
    Have a great time in Dieppe!
    Barbara x

  5. Super postcard in the blog hop, how lovely to receive that in your inbox

  6. Thanks for taking part in the Summer Postcard Blog Hop.
    Love the posters for the Kite Festival. I think the first one would make a great rock painting, my current obsession!