jeudi 13 septembre 2018


Toujours au Festival International de Cerf-Volant,

Côté pelouse de vol acrobatique, quelques démonstrations de modèle "révolution".

Another way to use kites, acrobatic flights, with musical shows

Every day, some musical shows from different teams, sky ballet for our pleasure.

Tous les jours, des ballets aériens pour notre plus grand plaisir.

Quelques visites aux pays exposants...
A visit to some other countries...

Espagne,  Spain
with a special display quite enigmatic

A bicycle equipped with a sewing machine!



A new display very funny!

Did it remind you of someone?   Mum, dad and the little one?

Another good news, Boris is here, who is Boris, a special kiter
De retour sur les pelouses, Boris,

Boris has his own kites,  two years ago it was a black shark.

In the sky...    Dans le ciel...

Voici une nouvelle journée passée le nez en l'air...
Still walking around with the nose up in the air...

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