samedi 7 septembre 2019


Le blog va bourdonner ce mois-ci grâce au thème du rendez-vous du premier samedi du mois : les abeilles.

Bien joli thème mais qui m'a donné quelques inquiétudes, j'ai cherché et recherché parmi mes ouvrages comment illustrer mon article.

Je commençais à désespérer de ne rien trouver en quarante ans de broderie, mais l'honneur est sauf, ouf !

Grâce à ce lien, vous pourrez visiter le blog de Jo où admirer de belles broderies :

Joining Jo's blog will give you many lovely stitchings to see and many friends sharing what people choose to visit.

The blog will be buzzing this month thanks to the theme of the first Saturday of the month for You Choose : bees.

A very nice theme but which gave me some concerns, I searched and researched among my works how to illustrate my article.

I was beginning to despair that I couldn't find anything in forty years of embroidery, but the honour is safe, wow!

Two little bees are flying on this DMC "Pressed wild flowers"   "Herbier fleurs des champs"

That couldn't bee the end of it. Too late to start a new project so I thought of adding a honey case on my goose game. Here we are :

I'll add some blue/grey thread on the wings.

Of course, on this post our guest star can't bee someone else than our friend Winnie
As a little girl I got a "viewmaster" with Winnie l'ourson stories slides
and the 3D effect was so great I guess that why I became a great "honey tester"

Well, now you know that I always kept an eye to the sky,
first the flag of  Elbe  island  (design by Napoléon!)

and lovely kites "nid d'abeille"


Bee is an emblem for many very different things or creators...
As for Guerlain (Paris 1828)
Bees on bottles and honey in "Royal Bee" range products

Time to say good bye with Mireille...

September is our holidays month, so I won't forget to put some stitching, knitting in my hobby bag!
See you soon if we got a good wifi if not I'll have many to post on in two weeks.

Je vais aller dard-dard ;) faire mes valises car demain c'est le départ pour quelques vacances, à bientôt si le wifi fonctionne bien dans la location sinon à dans deux semaines avec plein de choses à raconter.

4 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. I was so happy you found a design with some little bees on it! Of course, Winnie the Pooh is a big fan of bees, and their honey. I love the block you added to your game, nice to be the inspiration.
    Some lovely photos as usual, especially the honeycomb kites.

  2. Your wildflower piece is gorgeous!

  3. Pressed wild flowers is absolutely beautiful! AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Your embroidery piece looks lovely, especially with the bees! Such a cute Pooh picture.