dimanche 8 mars 2020


Time for a good cup of coffee with all the stitchers participating in :

You'll find all about it in Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching


Tout d'abord un clin d'oeil à l'invité du mois dernier, comment ai-je pu oublier notre laine Pingouin à l'occasion du post de février...

First, back to last month post, what was I thinking forgotten to write about our "Wool pingouin"!

Now let's talk about coffee...

Some coffee grinder among the pattern I choose for the shelves of my dish cupboard.

Coffee spoons in a stitched bag for a good friend

"friendship is embroidered with a strong thread..."

What is fun with this SAL is that it gives you the chance to travel in your past diy life and search for some themed realisations bring back nice memories of old works.

For my camel caravane, I remember making some coffee bags full of real coffee beans.

Une petite pause pour le goûter ? Un délicieux tiramisu au café dégusté il y a quelques jours ou comment mon blog inspire le menu de la semaine... et l'occasion d'utiliser les mazagrans en fine porcelaine de maman.

A little snack break? A delicious coffee tiramisu tasted a few days ago or how my blog inspires the menu of the week...

Coffee and wine for a "watercolor" card.

Some sewed cups made some years ago.
Quelques tasses pochettes et dinette.

and the new ones I made for my granddaughter

Quelques modèles proposés dans le magazine Las labores de Ana.
Some patterns from the magazine Las labores de Ana I received from Sheryl.

Chez Disney ce sont les tasses de thé d'Alice qui vous font tourner la tête mais à Europapark c'est dans un superbe service à café en porcelaine de Delft !

At Disney it's Alice's tea cups that make your head spin, but at Europapark it's in a superb Delft porcelain coffee set!

Koffiekopjes à Europapark

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  1. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. I always enjoy your posts because you share such a wide variety of projects.
    Of course I remember the little cups because I have one myself! A lovely gift.

  2. Great collection of coffee items, love the camel bags, very clever

  3. So many lovely coffee pieces! I really like the zippered cups, so adorable.