jeudi 16 juillet 2020


If you love gifts, love to receive them and to make them too, it's perfect timing for the Gifted Gorgeousness Post and participate in Jo's SAL.

June and July are birthday's month in DD1 family, so I stitched a card for Capucine 4 years birthday.

14th of July is our National Day but also birth days for my eldest daughter, her son and DD3 godfather

Her brother will get a popsicle right for this warm season.

Her Mum will received my first attempt of shacking card,  made from a kit I bought recently.

 The tricky part of the DIY is to use
the tiny strass, stars... which fly everywhere when you only make a slow move.

Finally you got them on your hands, on the clothetable, on the floor, on your dress, on the self-adhesive card but not in the spaces they should go before you stick the all thing.

It's still fun to make.

Quelques cartes d'anniversaire pour enfant et parents.

Capucine get a lovely second hand Playmobil house and an extra outfit for her doll.

Part of "pyjama challenge" was a suitbath for Violette n° 1 ; un maillot de bain pour les vacances à la mer.

Violette n° 2 has a new home now,
she is settled in Chalons en Champagne
with Soline (my goddaughter's 4 years old daughter).

I sent her the doll with the clothes and a "pear" seat, put some tiny magazines in the bag and add a new creation : a campfire.

An old camembert box, some slates for the base, pebbles, twigs and moss from the garden and a led candle!

Un feu de camp pour Violette, une base de couvercle de boîte de camembert, des ardoises pour
la base, cailloux, branches de bois et mousse du
jardin pour entourer la bougie en led.

I only have to sew her a sleeping bag and the doll will be ready for some holidays.

I'll surely have to make one for Capucine to go with the hammock I'm crocheting.

I want to be part of Clare's Christmas tree project this year, so I'll have to stitch a flower so she'll have a big bouquet.

Looking for a chart in my cross stitching encyclopedie I thought of a cornflower, I finally got lucky visiting DMC site because the free flower they proposed is this one :

Voici mon projet de fleur pour l'arbre de Noël que Clare de Aimetu's stitching prépare pour sa paroisse, le thème de cette année étant de composer un bouquet de fleurs comme l'explique l'article dont vous trouverez le lien ci-après.

Here is where I am now...

3 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month with all your lovely family Birthday gifts. Your God-daughter's daughter looks so happy with her present. The campfire is ingenious.
    I was wondering about the card with all the tiny pieces - it is a shaker card - ie you shake it to make the pieces move about!

  2. I always enjoy visiting your GG post, and seeing all the lovely things you have crafted. You have many skills, and create so many and varied gifts.

  3. You have made some wonderful cards. Violette will have accessories to rival those of any Barbie doll. Soline is a lucky girl.