dimanche 14 juillet 2019

ETAPE/STEP 6 - 4/4

Le jouet à trouver est : les jeu de dames et/ou d'échec,
The toy to find is :   checkers - draught game   chess

Clues :  37 on the "chess board" ground  was the number of "Indre et Loire" department.

Words : square, tower, castle,
Vocabulaire : case, rock "roque", fou, tour,

The town was chosen because the name is "La ville aux dames"   "The town of dames (ladies)"

In the game the piece reaching the farthest row forward became a "dame" in French rules.

The city was first named in latin "Villa Dominarum" "le domaine des dames" Xe century ( due to a women's convent).

Une des seules communes françaises dont (presque) toutes les rues portent des noms de femmes depuis 1974 ainsi que la plupart des édifices municipaux.

One of the only French municipalities where (almost) all the streets have been named after women since 1974, as well as most of the municipal buildings.

Femme que l'on retrouve dans la gentilé "gynépolitains" (du grec guné la femme et polis la ville
Leur sobriquet "les caillons" leur vient du nom d'un fromage de lait caillé, moins romantique !

back to works,

Mamigoz vous propose une superbe création, grille gratuite, free chart from Mamigoz.

Some painted pebbles (not to be hidden somewhere by who you known)

Un petit tour à Portmeirion

Version jardinage,
garden chess

 Harry Potter

L'affaire Thomas Crown

"Won't you prefer some you could eat?"

 Ceux-ci sont à croquer,   those are to eat

Welcome in Suscinio castle, where you can stop during your visit and play

Chess game with my cousin in the 70's.

Want some tuto to sew your own chess game


Love this chess pillowcase too (from Artfire).

See you on next step

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  1. I guessed this game straight away! Well, I knew it was either Chess or Checkers but when I saw the Castle clue, I knew it was Chess. Love all the photos you find to illustrate the posts. The Town of the Ladies sounds like a great place to visit.