dimanche 13 juin 2021



Department 36 - Indre   - Town  LE BLANC -  Blanc is white

The painter was Edgar Degas.

Clues / indices : dancers, opera, Lake swan ballet, the white feathers of the swans (which are on Le Blanc coats of arm), horses one on his favorite theme, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres he admired a lot and met once. And his skills in drawing, engraving, sculpting and photography.

Nous retrouvons dans les indices quelques thèmes favoris : les danseuses, les chevaux. Le Blanc associé au plumage des cygnes figurant sur son blason, Ingres qu'il admirait tant et rencontra une seule fois. Ses dons pour le dessin, la gravure, la sculpture et la photographie.

Our guid was Lili, from books I loved to read when I was young. I offered myself reissues some years ago to feel teenagers feelings again.

Another sweet memory : "L'âge heureux" a 1966 TV movie.
When TV was black and white!

Un joli souvenir, le feuilleton en noir et blanc "L'âge heureux" 1966 filmé à l'opéra de Paris.

Les chevaux chez Degas - Horses

Now Edgar Degas in blogs...

Doll's house Degas miniature ; Art by Kelly Shannon

DIY dancers, good ideas for kids

White tutus

Close up of "the little dancer of 14 years" recreated by Lego artist Nathan Sawaya.

American dancer Misty Copeland recreating Degas ballet paintings.

Degas sur cette jolie boîte à musique.
Have you received this kind of gift for young girls?

While preparing this journey I travelled around the world and the internet to find today artists who love to copy or imagine stitchings, sewings, knittings and any DIY inspired by the painters I have chosen to present to you.

Now, I want to present you the work of "Mikemac".
The technic is explained here, please take a look it's amazing :

Very realistic embroidery of Degas dancers

Work in progress by Mikemac on woman in her bath

The embroidery framed

(we will "meet" them again in many next articles).

Other embroideries by Ira Pashkevych.

Jessica Blazek   - Degas pendant          - Ohio  - Thimble Thistle

Quilting too...

Amazing portrait made by David Owen Hastings

(machine pieced with hand appliqué, machine quilted 35.5" x 28.75")

a mini art quilt

Seen on SAQA   Studio Art Quilt Associates - artist : Lura Smith
seems a lot like Degas

World Painter's challenge - Edgar Degas by Arlette Martin-Feysel

Ready for a little trip to New Orleans?

Ladybug Designs

What about a "dance themed" Christmas tree next year?
Un sapin de Noël sur le thème de la danse, cela vous tente-t-il ?

Très jolie pochette brodée

A lovely ballerina doll from the collection of Madame Alexander dolls.

An American doll company
from 1923.
Inna Emelianova

Un kit pour sculpteur débutant.

Dior dress

Une petite visite de l'exposition du musée de San Francisco,
modistes peintes par Degas et présentation de chapeaux "Belle époque".

San Francisco"s Legion of Honor exhibition. Paris Millinery Trade.
France's Belle époque hats.

La danse classique offre beaucoup de jolies grilles dont celles d'Isabelle Vautier.

Si on brodait un joli sac grâce à cette grille de chez Lilipoints
The perfect stitching for me from "Corinne suit son fil"
a lovely work mixing cross stitch and stamps

Parfait modèle de broderie pour moi, la ravissante association du point compté et d'un magnifique timbre réalisée par Corinne.

Small town of Le Blanc on the river Creuse.

We'll see Atlantic Ocean soon...

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  1. I'm doing OK with the tour this year! Maybe not with the actual towns though!
    Love all the photos you have found for us, especially the ballet dancer embroidered pieces. Very beautiful. I love the idea of a dance-inspired Christmas Tree. You could have lots of examples of 9 Ladies Dancing from the 12 Days of Christmas!

  2. Wonderful paintings by Degas who has inspired many different types of art work. I love the embroideries by Ira Pashkevych and Jessica Blazek and the art projects for children, great post.