jeudi 17 juin 2021



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  1. merci, merci for today's clues.....
    Margaux is a town in Gironde. Caneles, my goodness they look yummy. I found some recipes too!
    Thanks to the very tiny print on the bottom of the right photo, Galerie Perahia I finally found Louis Toffoli.
    I had been looking at abstract artworks prior to this but not finding his works, Jpnques and Rio are my favorites.

    Now back to exploring....

  2. We are in Dept 33 - Gironde with Louis Toffoli. Now to find the town and colour!

  3. Margaux is a red wine so I'm going with red as the colour!

  4. After reading more about a glass of Margaux or St. Julien I'm taking some time to explore Bordeaux.